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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Tasman Peninsula February 7th 2017

Our final day on the trail! We were leaving Retakunna and heading to Fortescue Bay via Cape Hauy. The trail would be about 14 kilometres and would take about My friend and I were known as the two who always lag behind because we would stop and have story time at each 'Encounter' we passed along the way. At Fortescue Bay, there are two shuttle buses to take you back to Port Arthur and by the time we had booked the hike, only the earlier shuttle of 2 pm was still available, the 4 pm one was fully booked. We knew that due to our slow pace that we would have to get up at the crack of dawn to make it in time. Luckily, our lovely bunkmates stepped in. The idea of swapping buses had ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Tasman Peninsula February 6th 2017

Today was going to be a longer day as the route would take us down the prong of the peninsula near to The Blade, near Cape Pillar before retracing our steps back to Munro and then on to Retakunna to spend our final night on the trail. It felt like the past two days had gone by so fast and hard to believe that this would be our final evening in the cabins. Since we would pass Munro on the way back, we didn't have to carry all our crap. Score! We could just take water, snacks, lunch and cameras. We prepared all our stuff after breakfast. The hike today was 17 kilometres, so it the longest day so far and would be the longest day on the track. We headed out on a path near ... read more
Three Capes Track
Eye See Bright
Three Capes Track

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Tasman Peninsula February 5th 2017

We were up bright and early as was pretty everyone else doing the trail. It was a bit of a brisk morning and there were some large dark clouds in the sky, which we were hoping wouldn't start raining. We made breakfast and once that was finished, we headed out to start our hike for the day. Today's distance was only 11 kilometres, so it would be another fairly easy day. Our backpacks weren't too heavy as we didn't have to carry a tent or cooking appliances, but carrying a sleeping back and three days worth of food was still a lot more than I normally carry. We made our way back from Surveyors to the main track. We were soon greeted with lovely views of the ocean and the peninsula. We could see where we ... read more
Tasman Peninsula
Punishment to Playground
Punishment to Playground

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Tasman Peninsula February 4th 2017

When researching our Tasmania trip, my friend came across the Three Capes Track and after looking into it, it sounded perfect for us. It is a fairly easy hike with accommodation provided, so all you have to bring is your sleeping bag and food. I love being outdoors, but am definitely not a camper, so this sounded like a good compromise to me. No having to lug and tent and pitch it or carry cooking pots and a stove, perfect! There are also only a limited amount of hikers allowed on the trail each day, so we wouldn't be overrun with other people. The hike wasn't cheap to book, but it does cover quite a bit and seeing the pictures of the area, it just looked amazingly beautiful, so sod the cost. The Three Capes Track ... read more
Track Pass
Boat Cruise
Boat Cruise

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Tasman Peninsula March 8th 2015

After the final major service / repair of the Coaster we decided we could fit in one last weekend away before we started to get organised for our holiday. But where to go? In the end, it was a decision made partly by the weather forecast - it was going to be a little brighter on the East Coast. We got off to a late start and then discovered that we had left quite a few things behind at home! So we called in to Sorell to see if we could get a charger for the phones and were lucky to find some good service at the Telstra Shop there. After our delays, we decided that we would head to the Tasman Peninsula, and being unsure of where we might be able to free camp and ... read more
Maingon Blowhole
View from Mt. Brown
Crescent Beach

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Tasman Peninsula January 18th 2015

Today we went down to the south east corner of Tasmania to Port Arthur where in 1830 the British opened a prison for men who had become repeat offenders following their transportation to Australia. In 1840 we had 2000 prisoners there. Transportation ended in 1853. Its a stark reminder of our 19th century judicial system. But for all its sad history it is in a beautiful setting and later buildings were sold off and a township grew. In 1884 the name was changed to Carnarvon in an effort to wipe out the 'convict' stain. The site covers 100 acres so we did lots of walking and we learnt a great deal of history its my third visit snd I still have more to learn! Yesterday we spent the day in Hobart. In the morning we went ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Tasman Peninsula February 8th 2012

With the help of our new “Camps” book, we had found ourselves a lovely free spot at River & Rocks Campground. It was chockablock with other friendly campers and as natural as you can get – complete with stinky long drop toilet! Seriously, though, it had a great atmosphere and we got chatting to some lovely people. After we had our home-cooked gourmet pasta dinner, it rained through the night and we awoke to a just as wet morning. Ha, I knew those gumboots would come in handy for soggy campsites! After breakfast, we drove to Freycinet National Park and managed to catch a good break in the rain when did the hike up to the Wineglass Bay lookout. It was certainly a steep climb, that’s for sure, but totally worth it when we got a ... read more
120208 - prepping for wineglass bay
120208 - wallaby at wineglass bay
120208 - wineglass bay walk 2

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Tasman Peninsula February 16th 2010

Seventh Day An early start as we picked up others who were joining us for the last five days of the trip; there were a family from South Korea, a German woman and a guy from Austria. In addition we had a second tour guide - a younger fella by the name of Ben. You could say that the four-person dynamic we'd had with Gary was at an end. And we knew we'd been very fortunate. What would the rest of our trip be like? Remarkable Caves to Crescent Bay That morning we drove south-east of Hobart and onto the isolated Tasman Peninsula - site of infamous convict prison Port Arthur and the Tasman National Park. There, at a place called "Remarkable Cave" we stood over a blow-hole. Yes, a blow-hole of large proportions, basically a ... read more
Cape Raoul: View from Remarkable Caves
Remarkable Caves, Tasman Peninsula
Remarkable Caves

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Tasman Peninsula November 23rd 2009

Tri turistke in tasmanski vragec Jutro smo zacele z voznjo po zalivih do marine in se odlocile, da zavijemo proti severu. Najprej na Tasman Peninsulo, proti Port Arthurju in Cresent Bay. Polotok je proti odprtemu morju nedostopen, obala je strma in skalnata, imenovana Pirates Bay. Visoke strme stene smo videle le v daljavi. Z manjso turisticno ladjo smo naredile krog po zalivu Cresent Bay in si ogledale ostanke jetnisnice, ki so jo Anglezi postavili leta 1830 in z jetniki in otroci, ki so jih tudi zapirali po 7. letu starosti, izdelovali razlicne izdelke, od cevljev do ladij. Pogruntali so tudi “humano” obliko dodatnih kazni kot je zapiranje v samice, ki so se do danes ohranile kljub pozarom. To je zgodovina Tasmanije. Sam zaliv je bi bil prav caroben, ce se ga ne bi drzala tako slaba ... read more
Tasmania 5
Tasmania 6

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Tasman Peninsula January 10th 2009

Hi folks, jetzt ist er also gekommen, unser letzter Tag in Tasmanien. Nachdem es in den ersten 3 Wochen wirklich saukalt war (zur Abwechslung mal der kaelteste Sommer in den letzten 30 (?) Jahren; sonst schaffe ich es ja immer nur, an den Orten mit dem nassesten Sommer seit Anbeginn der Zeitrechnung oder so aehnlich zu sein), haben wir tatsaechlich noch ein paar richtig schoene Tage gehabt; der echte Sommer ist endlich da. Es war mit 28 Grad und Sonne sogar teilweise so warm, dass uns eine volle 1,5 l Flasche O-Saft im Auto explodiert ist! Was fuer eine Sauerei! Auf der Tasman Peninsula haben wir uns dann erst mal ein paar durch Wasser und Wind geschaffene Besonderheiten an den Kuesten-Felsstrukturen angesehen: so eine Art natuerliches Kopfsteinpflaster, ein Blow-Hole und den Tasman Arch, ein natuerliches Felstor. ... read more
Tasman Arch, a natural bridge created by wind and water
Blossom of a honeysuckle
Totem Pole

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