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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Port Arthur September 5th 2018

Off to a good start in the morning. We are getting much better organizing ourselves packing up beds and having breakfast, showering etc. First stop is up to Richmond to see the famous Richmond Bridge. The trip up was interesting as we saw what Hobart called peak hour traffic! Our GPS took us a round about way to get there, so saw many sheep properties and orchards. Still a bit nippy when we got there, so after a much needed cuppa we rugged up and went for a walk checking out the bridge and then a walk through a couple of old cemeteries and the Anglican church. Richmond does tourism very well. Hat tip to Ian Brown for the recommendation of Scallop Pies at the Richmond Bakery. We scoffed through a couple plus way too many ... read more
Richmond Bridge
Richmond Bridge
Richmond Bridge

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Port Arthur April 10th 2018

We were up early again today as we had a three hour drive to Port Arthur and wanted to arrive early. Like yesterday, we went down for breakfast before checking out and getting on our way down south. It was proving to be a lovely drive with an interesting coast line and stunning beaches to admire on the way. There are some beautiful coastal towns to drive through and see. We stopped in a small town called Swansea for petrol and to post a letter at the post office, before we were on our way again. It was just past a town called Orford when things started to get a little rocky – literally. This whole trip we have been following our GPS, which has gotten us around quite nicely. And, as I write this from ... read more
Port Arthur Historic Site
Mill/convict jail
Ashleigh by the Commandant's house

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Port Arthur February 3rd 2017

3rd Feb: We took the bus from Hobart to Port Arthur. The journey was pretty uneventful, although I did have to endure listening to the conversations of the other passengers. There was one older boke, who was trying to set up an Airbnb account on his phone and he was giving his mate (and the rest of the bus) a blow-by-blow account of what he was doing. My mate thought it was hilarious especially my face as I was sick of listening to him drone on. Also, I am not known for my patience and I really wanted to grab his phone and set up the account for him so that he would shut up. We had a quick stop on the journey, we went to Pirate Bay Lookout and saw the gorgeous coastline. When we ... read more
The Penitentiary
Port Arthur Historic Site
Port Arthur Historic Site

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Port Arthur March 11th 2015

Tuesday 10th March 2015 Port Arthur was our destination for today; we have made a reservation for the night at the Port Arthur Motor Inn. A reasonably early start was made and our first stop was at Eaglehawk Neck. This is where the highway narrows down to just a thin stretch of land with the ocean on both sides. It forms a natural gateway to the peninsula that was used in the 1830s, when a line of dogs was chained to posts across the neck to warn of any convicts attempting to escape Port Arthur. We took a short detour and visited the Tesselated Pavement, a piece of reef on the Pirates Bay side. This reef has evenly spaced cracks along it making it look as if it was built with squares and rectangles. From what ... read more
Tasman Arch
Rugged coastline
Port Arthur

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Port Arthur February 27th 2015

Hi, today we went to Port Arthur historic site, we spent a whole day there as there was so much to see. It was where they brought the convicts to, so, the history was really interesting, could go on and on about it, but my wi - fi time is running out. We did a boat trip at the site over to Isle of the Dead. Basically it is where they buried everyone back in the 1800's, convicts, officers, soldiers, wives and babies. Also we visited the memorial where a gun man shot 35 people dead in1996 whilst they were visiting this historic site. Tonight we are doing a ghost tour at the site so we have just had dinner in a pub called the fox and hounds and we're going back there for 9.00pm. I ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Port Arthur February 19th 2015

Geo: -43.141, 147.852This morning we dropped Richard and Kerrie off at Richmond, in the heart of the Coal Valley wine country. They had already been to Port Arthur so didn't join us today.We were interested to cross over the Denison Canal near Dunally (big bush fires recently). The canal allows boats to pass from one side of the Tasman Penninsula to the other, without having to go all the way around.At Port Arthur the tour and visitor information were very comprehensive and interesting. Included was a short cruise around the bay to see the cemetery island and also the island where the boy prisoners were kept and schooled. Apparently this enlightened treatment of child prisoners contributed greatly to the site's classification on the World Heritage List a few years ago.Later in the day we visited Hobart's ... read more
Port Arthur
Prison Church
View across the bay

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Port Arthur November 1st 2014

WILD TASMANIA...Port Arthur Penal Colony. In 1996 Australia's psyche was shattered. The issue of guns...right to arms...brought into sharp focus by the massacre at Port Arthur...Tasmania's No. 1 Tourist Site. The ABC summarised it thus: "On Sunday 28 April 1996, the historic site of the Port Arthur penal colony in south-eastern Tasmania attracted hundreds of visitors. At lunchtime the Broad Arrow Cafe was full. 28 year old Martin Bryant from Hobart entered the cafe, ordered and ate a big lunch, then pulled a semi-automatic rifle out of his bag and started shooting indiscriminately at tourists and staff. Within 15 seconds, 17 shots had been fired, 12 were dead and 10 injured. By the time Bryant had finished his rampage, he had killed 35 people using a range of semi-automatic weapons in and around Port Arthur. The ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Port Arthur March 8th 2014

Saturday 8th March 2014. Tasman National Park, Port Arthur Historic Site & Dinner at Garagistes Restaurant, Tasmania, Australia We had a good night's sleep in our quiet luxury room in the YHA. We got up early as we wanted to get the most out of our NP pass which runs out just after lunch. We had a quick coffee/tea in the room and then set off for the Tasman NP. We were heading Fortescue Bay which is located in the park and is accessible by car as there is a camping ground there. We followed the main highway and crossed the 30m wide isthmus of Eaglehawk Neck Which is the only land that connects the Tasman Peninsula to the rest of Tasmania. It was quite a long drive along a gravel road from the Arthur Highway ... read more
8. Fortescue Lagoon from the Beach
9. Fortescue Beach
11. D on Fortescue Beach

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Port Arthur March 8th 2014

It seems strange that one of the blackest pages of history rates as one of the most visited sites in Australia. There is no attempt to gloss over the past of the convict era or the more recent tragedy other than the perpetrator of needless pain is not mentioned by name anywhere or by anyone on site. The Port Arthur European history took a major step forward when the British decided that they should raise their flag here before the French or even the Dutch. There are many French names on Tasmania from their early explorers, but the Brits wanted the land. How do you colonise such an island that has no roads, resources or settlers? Well you send convicts to provide a population base, and then offer these people as workers to free men to ... read more
The flour mill that didn't mill

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Port Arthur April 1st 2013

Tasmanien „Traumhaft, viel Natur, nicht so heiß, gute Angelmöglichkeiten, wunderschöne Strände, Berge und Seen und das auf 68.400 qkm mit nur 502.000 Einwohnern, wovon über die Hälfte in Hobart leben“ so könnte man Tasmanien in nur einem Satz beschreiben ;) Das wäre für mich die schnellere Alternative, was ganz praktisch wäre, doch würde das den meisten von euch bestimmt nicht gefallen...Also bekommt ihr von uns selbstverständlich eine ausführlichere Version beginnend mit der Fährüberfahrt von Melbourne nach Devonport. Die Überfahrt und die erste Nacht Da Kaputzki morgens manchmal gerne länger schlafen möchte -soll heißen er springt nicht immer gleich an- war es uns zu heikel das Fährticket online zu kaufen. Dadurch mussten wir spätestens um sechs Uhr früh am Fährhafen sein, um es dort noch zu bekommen. Um fünf Uhr sind wir losgefahren und konnten somit der ... read more
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