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February 24th 2010
Published: March 9th 2010
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Day 304 - Queenstown to Waratah to Marrawah

We were supposed to be leaving ‘bright and early’ this morning but at 10.30am I still hadn’t had a shower! Hmmmm!

The weather was again very misty to start with, hopefully it wouldn’t take too long to clear as Tony & Jane are off on their train trip this morning. We said goodbye to them and wished them a fabulous time, we’ll meet up again at Cradle Mountain on Friday morning.

For the next couple of days we would be travelling on our own through the west coast of Tasmania without the caravan. We don’t want any restrictions on what we can and can’t achieve so the caravan is being dropped off in Waratah and our nights away will be spent in our little $30 tent.

Our journey this morning from Queenstown to Waratah was filled with beautiful scenery. The lakes, the forests, it’s just stunning around this area. Waratah itself is very pretty too and the caravan park is right on the edge of the river. There isn’t anyone around for us to check in with when we arrive so we take a chance. This isn’t your normal
Home from home, check out the washing machine!Home from home, check out the washing machine!Home from home, check out the washing machine!

RV in the Queenstown caravan park
type of caravan park, there are no marked pitches and where to park up doesn’t immediately hit us on the nose as being obvious. We find what we think is a spot that won’t cause any dramas, drop the caravan and get everything ready for our adventure in the west.

The lady who oversees the running of the park is also the lady in charge of the post office and the general store! Bless her, when she returns from lunch she’s in hot demand. Luckily we’d already been in touch to book our unpowered slot and she comes up with a special rate of $20 for the two nights. By 2pm we’re on the road but we’re way behind on our ‘schedule’.

From Waratah we drive 188kms to Marrawah which is in the far north west corner of Tasmania. In the main our journey was via the highway although I did take us ‘off piste’ for a short time trying to get us closer to Edith Creek. What I actually succeeded in doing was taking us in a big loop and incurring my husband’s rath. Oops! An overdose of farm land didn’t go down well and a small mis-understanding about which camp ground we were heading for really pushed things over the edge. I was heading for forest whereas Darryl thought he was heading for the ocean and the chance to fish.

We finally arrived at the Green Point free camp ground near Marrawah, right on the beach! A short walk in the fresh air sorted out our differences and we were soon cooking dinner on the camp stove lent to us by Tony & Jane. We’ll have to get Mum & Dad one of these; they’re great to have as a back up and mean that you can go anywhere and cook anything.

The free camp spot was quite busy, plenty of campervans were already parked up and then a Holden estate drove in and about 10 backpackers got out! There were people in swags and a number of off road campers here too, Green Point was very popular perhaps not just because it was in a nice position with good facilities but also because it’s free!

Tuna pasta bake went down very well and we chatted to the couples cooking in the shelter with us for a while then went for another walk along the beach. We’ve found a good, relaxed spot for us and the tent although we didn’t position ourselves very well in terms of flat ground. We seem to have set things up on the only lump for miles around!

There were spots of rain so after a great chat with another young couple on a six month trip with their dog; we headed in the tent for bed.

Sweet dreams

Dar and Sar

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10th March 2010

Nice Images
Very nice images on your travel to Australia. :)
10th March 2010

Thanks for the compliment
Thanks very much. We're having a great time. Not long now til we fly home to the good old UK. Thanks again
10th March 2010

Tuna Pasta bake - now you really are start to think about home aren't you chick! Nice RV! Mr Coulsell seems to think that we will have one like that one day - yeah, one day never!!! Lots of love. xxxx

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