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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Freycinet National Park September 6th 2018

Well it went pear shaped from the word go. After checking yesterday that the Wineglass Bay cruise had plenty of spare seats, it looks like a busload of Chinese tourists rocked up and took all the seats! Another lesson learned, don't delay when booking. Unfortunately, they only run 1 cruise a day at this time of year and we didn't want to hang around or backtrack so we headed over to the National Park and went for a decent walk up to the top of the mountain. We were advised against doing the big walk up to the lookout by the ranger, as they had had some rain and the walk involved a far bit of scrambling over the granite boulders. The view from the top was incredible. Even though the weather was a bit iffy. ... read more
Walk up Freycinet National Park
Walk up Freycinet National Park
Walk up Freycinet National Park

This morning was difficult to get out of bed. Not because we were tired, but because the bed was extremely comfortable and we were very warm. We were woken around 5:45 by a loud crash outside, and after a moment, realised it was one of the deck chairs crashing over as it was very windy outside – not a comforting thought when your whole accommodation is in the middle of a national park with an abundance of very tall trees. By then, we were wide awake, but stayed in bed until our alarm went off an hour later. After showering, we went down to breakfast, which was covered in the cost of our accommodation, so we didn’t need to pay any extra. It was your typical selection of hot and cold food most hotels provide for ... read more
The back of the boat
Lunch stop
Fur seals

Today we learnt what it was like having a rushed booking. This evening, long after it had occurred, we realised we’d missed one of the tours our agent had organised for us! And, because we were a day behind, almost didn’t realise we had one tomorrow, as we thought it was the following day. At least we know now! Anyway, apart from that realisation this evening, our day was quite nice. We woke up to our alarm at 7:15 after a very good night’s sleep in our Launceston hotel. The bed was comfy and we were both very tired still from the boat trip over. After showering and packing, we went downstairs for breakfast in the dining room. It was your standard hot food and cereals and fruits, though we were confused on what we could ... read more
Puzzle for everyone at Freycinet Lodge
View of Richardsons Beach below
Ashleigh and a wallaby

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Freycinet National Park March 13th 2018

We took a mini bus tour up the east coast of Tasmania. Pretty stunning quiet beaches. We dropped in to see some Pademelons (small Kangaroo looking animals) and lunch was at a seafood restaurant.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Freycinet National Park April 19th 2017

So tie me to an anthill, smear my ears with jam and call me Benedict Arnold if you must but I'm going to place my head firmly on the traitor's chopping block. For what my opinion is worth (not much I assume), USA AOK, is the most beautiful on this rock, if through nothing else other than its sheer, raw diversity. If you prefer to narrow down the criteria a touch then a few other sovereignties come into the reckoning. Alpine? How do you turn you nose up at Canada, Nepal, Norway or New Zealand (South Island). Perhaps architecture is your poison. From this humble man's opinion, France is top of the pops with my left field challenger (plus this makes me sound as though I've been around), Yemen. BUT!!! If coastline is your barometer of ... read more
Bay of Fires
Bay of Fires
Honeymoon Bay

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Freycinet National Park January 26th 2017

Happy Australia Day! We set off early after a quick breakfast, following the route we had taken the day before. We planned to do quite a long hike today as it would get back in the saddle for our multi-day hike in the Three Capes at the end of our trip. We came to the beach and the national park office area and then headed along the road to main part of the park. We weren't so lucky today and no one stopped to offer us a lift, so we had to do the whole walk, the uphill parts were a bit tough and it added at least another hour on to our hike. Not what we wanted when we had a long day ahead of us. I really wished that there was a shuttle bus ... read more
Freycinet National Park
Freycinet National Park
Hazards Beach

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Freycinet National Park January 25th 2017

It was a very early start! The van ride to Coles Bay was extremely early. I think around 6:30 am. Luckily, the bakery was already open so I could get a coffee to make me slightly more awake and something to munch on. It was a bit nippy outside. Once again, we were the only people on the bus. It was a small van, but it was nice having it all to ourselves. The drive to Coles Bay was pretty short, less than an hour if I remember correctly. The van driver knew exactly where we were staying and dropped us off on the main road nearby. We had a short walk up to the office. Since we had arrived so early, the office wasn't open and we had to wait a while for it to ... read more
Coles Bay
Coles Bay
Coles Bay

Tuesday 3rd March 2015 A morning a little more on track than usual and we were on our way well before 1000 hours. The traffic into Hobart was light and we made good time there and through the city. A little holdup when we veered left after crossing the bridge but this was soon rectified. Just outside of Buckland we stopped to look at a convict built church (we saw all the cars outside so had to stop), which is known for its 14th century stained glass windows which came from Hastings, England in 1846. Here, we also had a coffee break at the local roadhouse as nature called. The highway twisted and turned and after having several cars tailgating us even though we were moving, we thought, quite quickly, we pulled into a rest stop ... read more
Church of John the Baptist
Spiky Bridge
Coles Bay

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Freycinet National Park October 11th 2014

WILD TASMANIA...Freycinet in the footprints of Jo Trouble. She said it was a piece of cake...said it'd be easy. Or did she just offer me some cake and say take it easy? I'm all confused. I'm sure she said it'd be easy. Anyway whatever she said...the fact that SHE did it...couldn't leave without ME also doing it. Nearly killed me. I'm sure she said it'd be easy. ****** Leaving Bay of Fires gotta get some sunglasses as I lost mine in the surf. Hardware store at St Helens...rack of sunnies. Some tradies getting wood...agreeing the blue rimmed mirror lens pair complemented my sunburn...having a good laugh my wife will love them...those nice meetings you can have in shops...bargain price too...only twenty bucks. But Denise did not like them...pretty horrified actually...what were you thinking she said. ****** ... read more

After hearing about the mini tornado that wrought havoc on the north-west coast yesterday we were amazed to wake up this morning in Coles Bay to absolutely perfect weather. We have been so incredibly lucky with the weather on this trip as we have only had two slightly dodgy days and we were travelling on both of those days and managed to find activities en route that didn't involve being out in the weather too much. Thanks to those who enquired whether the wild Tassie weather was affecting us! I thought that Bernie had planned for us to hike the Freycinet Peninsula Track today which is a gruelling hike that takes in Mount Graham and Mount Freycinet. Imagine my relief when Bernie told me that we only going to hike the moderately difficult 11km Wineglass Bay ... read more
Nearly There
Wineglass Bay
Wineglass Bay

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