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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain December 16th 2007

Well day 2 and we were all feeling refreshed, so of we headed to Cradle mountain, making a few stops along the way to check out the smallest waterfalls I have seen, in the info broucher the water fall looked amazing, on arrival we drove past it 3 times but found it in the end. We arrived at Cradle mountain around lunch time, we bought a car parking permit and headed off into the mountains. The weather was on our side sunny but fresh which is great hiking weather. 1st stop we choose was Dove Lake the hike took us about 7 mins so we decided we would choose a bigger challange for the next walk. We went to an area where Gustav Weindofers first climbed the cradle mountain, and where he decided to settle. This ... read more
Heres where the water fall begins
Well wrapped up
Brad & Julie

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain May 10th 2007

Headed even further down under to Tasmania for a weekend of more walking than I ever imagined. On our first full day we walked around Dove Lake which is at the bottom of Cradle Mountain. It rained off and on all day but when it stopped gorgeous rainbows stretched out across the water, making the downpours worth it. Around lunch time the rain had let up so our guide suggested we stray from the path to go check out a perched glacier lake. The way to get there consisted of a make-shift staircase made out of tree roots and slippery rocks. After about 20 minutes of whinging, we finally found the lake, and it was amazing. We had all nestled into the gravel to enjoy our lunches when an ominous green-gray cloud rolled in over ... read more
Weindorf's Forest
Weindorf's Forest 2
Warnings for Hiking around the Area

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain April 19th 2007

Getting to Cradle Mountain was trickier than we thought and involved us getting a wee bit creative. We took a Tassie Link bus to Launceston which is the other major city in Tasmania and lies at the other end of the island. We checked into the hostel in Launceston and headed downtown. Unfortunately it was dusk and pretty much everything had closed. Tasmania is a beautiful place but is seriously limited for things to do once darkness descends. We made our way down as far as the Boags Brewery on the river and spotted the Aurora Stadium where AFL is played. Unfortunately it was too dark to see anything else so we slid into a pub beside the brewery and tried out the Boags range. We decided to hit the cinema but the only thing on ... read more
Us At The Top Of Hanson's Peak
Lake Hanson
Beware Of The Possums!

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain February 11th 2007

Blog 11 hello mudder hello fadder is best read before this one it was published on 7th February but interested people weren’t informed by email I don’t know why. jo Blog 12 Wait a minute it’s stopped raining. The weather was worsening at lake St Clair in fact it snowed after we left, and so we decided we would move on east even though there were still things we had wanted to do, we stopped at Fortescue Bay just outside port Arthur. Here we met a group of Tasmanians who had been coming here every year for the past four years the enjoyed the fishing and just that day had caught forty ,something beginning with T, Trivelly I think, and four lobsters. They had a good game they would play which involved a rubber snake and ... read more
interesting sign
guilty or innocent?
do you know this man

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain February 7th 2007

Blog11 Tasmania And so on Thursday the 18th January we booked the ferry crossing to Tasmania, we would sail that night , we booked reclining seats , how long would it take for the crossing , 2 hours maybe ?…….it took that long to get out of the harbour , like everywhere over here it is further than you think eleven hours later we arrive , the sky is grey and we had been up most of the night as two others had fallen asleep in our allocated chairs. To reach Tasmania we had to pass through the notorious rip, Bass Strait is a really narrow bottleneck and the confluence of three oceans , the Indian , the Great Southern and the Pacific , they flow one against another meeting in a strait which is rife ... read more
see two holes
a feast indeed
port arthur

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain January 9th 2007

Hoi allemaal!! Allereerst iedereen de allerbeste wensen voor 2007 uiteraard! Tsja... en dan is het alweer een nieuw jaar, wat gaat de tijd toch vreselijk hard zeg, zo vertrek je ergens in 2005 uit NL, zo is het 2007 en zit je nog steeds in OZ... nou ja, time flies when having fun zeg maar. Hopelijk heeft iedereen in NL ook leuke feestdagen gehad, het was in ieder geval niet al te koud geloof ik dus dat was op zich wel prettig waarschijnlijk. Maar goed, wat is er hier allemaal gebeurd de afgelopen 2 weken. De week voor kerst was op zich wel een lekker weekje moet ik zeggen. het weer was redelijk goed, en we hadden op woensdagavond een kerstborrel met mijn werk. We zijn toen naar een cafeetje gegaan aan de Yarra rivier midden ... read more
Het voer
We zijn er bijna....
Cradle Mountain

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain December 13th 2006

The sun doesn't shine everyday in Tasmania, so we figured it would be a good idea to head straight to Cradle Mountain. At one stage, there wasn't a cloud in the sky so we were fortunate to get the almost perfect photo across Dove Lake towards the mountain. We headed northwest, ironically across the Vale of Belvoir, towards the coast and eventually to Stanley. Rocky Cape National Park was the same scenery as you get on the East Coast at Wineglass Bay with one exception - there is nobody else there. There was some stunning scenery and pure white sand beaches. Stanley was the original base for the Van Diemens Company operations in the north of Tasmania in the early 1850's. It is a picture perfect little town, dominated by the huge outcrop of the rock ... read more
Gordon River
The Nutt
Arthur River

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain October 3rd 2006

Today we headed north toward Cradle Mountain. The weather was still cool and a little rainy, but we decided to brave a 10km Montezuma Falls walk. The track was along the side of a mountain with a river running far below - it was cut out of the rainforest in the 19th century an originally used for hauling timber and ore. We were quite thankful for the early morning rainfall, as it made the trek a little more interesting. Along the way, we passed 18 or more small falls or significant weeping walls of rock and moss. When we finally reached Montezuma Falls, we were awed. The falls were more than 100 metres tall, and spanned by a suspended steel footbridge. The walking path on the footbridge was only 30 cm across, and the signs at ... read more
We're in love
Cradle Mountain
Crater Lake

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain January 10th 1997

The Overland Track is located in the wilds of Cradle Mountain National Park, and is one of the most famous bushwalks in the world. The track is a tough ninety odd kilometre walk through pristine wilderness where walkers are constantly surrounded by the spectacular natural beauty of Tasmania, and the park is in the middle of an island state that is a world renowned travel destination. The beautifully maintained track features strategically positioned bush huts to warm the bones of intrepid walkers at the end of another long day in the Aussie bush. We embarked from the ferry out of Melbourne to start a family expedition to see the sights of wonderful Tassie, which lies south of the east coast of the Australian mainland. And walking the Overland Track was definitely at the top of our ... read more
New Pelion camp
Beautiful waterfall
Bowling Green Two

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