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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain November 15th 2010

Hej allihopa! Hoppas ni haft en bra helg hemma! Jag har haft en mycket bra vecka. 3 dagars psyk och i torsdags o fredags var jag och Carro pa studiebesok pa Ambulans-verksamheten pa Tasmanien. Pa torsdagen var jag pa flyget och Carro i bil och sen bytte vi pa fredagen. Fick ju inte akutkursen termin 6 sa var intressant och larorikt att fa folja med i ambulansen. Fick se en misstankt hjartinfarkt och en misstankt stroke/TIA. Var valdigt roligt att fa folja med upp i planet, dock inte sa akuta fall, mest transport, men fick flyga till Melbourne och over hela tasmanien, riktigt coolt! Fick aven sitta framme hos piloten 2 resor=) verkar roligt att jobba som paramedic (akutsjukvardare) men pilot verkar inte sa dumt det heller...David, killen jag gick med var jatteschysst. Han fixade sa ... read more
Pa uppdrag med flygande doktorn=)
Helikoptern Bell 412
I planet

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain November 3rd 2010

Hi folks Just a note to let you know we are freezing in Cradle Mountain, a huge national park in Tasmania. Who knew it could get so cold here? The scenery is very different, stunning in it's own kind of way. We'll post some pictures as soon as our cameras thaw out just kidding But - the thick frost on the cars this morning was not a joke. I guess this is a way of toughening us up for our trip back to Calgary next week. Be in touch soon! Ann ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain October 21st 2010

Today we drove down to the Information Centre at the Cradle Mountain National Park. We left the car there and caught the shuttle bus down to Dove Lake. Dove Lake is a beautiful lake that sits below Cradle Mountain. The view was spectacular, a beautiful lake with majestic mountains behind that were dotted with snow. Steve and I hiked around the perimeter of Dove Lake. It took us about three hours. It was a lovely walk, half of which is on wide gravel level paths and wooden boardwalks and half of which is rugged steep and rocky. When we returned from our walk we visited a lovely waterfall and then went for a walk through the Wilderness Art Gallery. Later in the day we drove to Launceston. We stopped along the way to visit the Raspberry ... read more
The Chalet Loungeroom
Cradle Mountain Chalet
Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain February 27th 2010

Day 307 - Cradle Valley Surprisingly enough neither of us were feeling an ill effects after yesterday’s efforts. It was a chilly old night but we’d managed to keep warm and this morning were ready to do it all again without any of the expected aches and pains. It feels much colder today and the outlook isn’t half as bright as it was yesterday. A hot shower at least gets us warmed up and a couple of extra layers will hopefully keep out the cold during the walk. We’d decided to travel up to Ronny Creek under our own steam rather than taking the shuttle bus. There had been plenty of car park spaces left yesterday and we’re setting off earlier today so didn’t anticipate any dramas and luckily we didn’t find any. We registered our ... read more
National Park walks
Heading off up the Horse Track
Shrouded in cloud - Smithies Peak

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain February 26th 2010

Day 306 - Waratah to Cradle Valley We enjoyed a great nights sleep after our whistle stop tour down the west coast yesterday. It was great fun along the way and we at least feel we’ve seen enough to satisfy our curiosity! The spot we picked in such a rush when arrived in Waratah yesterday is great and we got to watch the playful platypus in the river again this morning. They don’t seem the slightest bit worried by humans or the dawning light. The Camps 5 ref is TAS 180 and we’d highly recommend a stay here if for no other reason than to see the platypus! It worked well as a base for our West Coast adventure too plus of course there are the features of Waratah itself like the beautiful waterfall which is ... read more
Platypus in the wild in Waratah, beautiful
Waratah's rather impressive waterfall in the town centre
Beautiful trees

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain January 25th 2010

Ooooops ! Oui, je sais : cela fait un bail que je n'ai plus donné de nouvelles. Je vous ai laissés en plan à Sydney, il y a de cela plus de deux semaines, et je m'en excuse. Je suis maintenant fraîchement arrivé en Nouvelle-Zélande, mais je ne saurais faire ici l'impasse sur mes deux dernières étapes australiennes, tant elles furent riches d'événements et de rencontres... ce qui explique sans doute ce petit retard. Sans plus attendre, je vous emmène donc, pour cette avant-dernière entrée australienne, en Tasmanie. Une bonne grosse tartine qui, je l'espère, vous plaira. La Tasmanie. Depuis longtemps, cette île mystérieuse au large des côtes sud de l’Australie a éveillé les intérêts ; un rêve de gosse, lorsque nous examinions la mappemonde, il y a de cela plus de vingt ans. J'ai eu ... read more
C'est jour de marché sur Salamanca Square
Au sommet du Mt Wellington
Les ruines de Port Arthur

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain November 14th 2009

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to the blog! Don’t worry though, just a few more blog entries to the thrilling conclusion of our Australia trip! Saturday, November 14 was the 4th day of our Tasmania tour. But it was like beginning a whole new tour because we were now following the lead of a new tour guide! Unfortunately things started a bit behind, our new tour guide showed up a bit late. When he finally made it though, things got rolling. First we found ourselves in Sheffield. This was a tiny tour, but its main attraction was an annual mural contest. The town also had tons of permanent murals on many of the local buildings, which were really cool to see. That afternoon we arrived at Cradle Mountain. We checked in our stuff ... read more
Sheffield - 2

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain July 17th 2009

So I was back in Launceston and I still hadn't been to Cradle Mountain. So I booked a tour. I got picked up and it was just the tour guide and I! Still, it was a very comfortable drive in a Galaxy, nice change from mini-buses! It was about 3 hours away, we stopped once at Sheffield - the town of the murals, we murals everywhere! Every year they have a mural painting competition. Apparently there are a lot of 'town of . . ' in Tasmania. The tour guide showed me a town that was trying to become the town of tapeiry. I thought this was animal! It is actually shrubs cut into different shapes. There were a few in the town but most were still starting growing. It would be nice to see in ... read more
Mt Roland
Mt Roland
Cradle Mountain

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain March 14th 2009

DAY 127 Scratch, Scratch, Scratch, we both sit up in bed hearing this sound and both exclaim “oh No, not those bl**dy Possums again”. I flicked the torch on as Andy jumped out of bed only to find a little pink snout lifting the tent flap and pressing up against the mosquito screen. Andy flicked it on the nose and it seemed to go away, however we could still hear the patter of feet and scratching in and around our house! Andy said its “3.00am, I am sick of this, why could they have not put a piece of Velcro all the way along the bottom of the flap? It would have saved us a few sleepless nights”. Andy got the two camping chairs and both were folded and laid across the back of the tent ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain March 13th 2009

DAY 126 Waking at around 8.00 this morning, Andy got out of bed and went to the camp kitchen to put the kettle on, I followed on with the breakfast things. It was lovely and quiet in the camp kitchen this morning. Andy got on with the blog, I made the breakfast, got some washing on the go, went and bought a few provisions. Lee turned up at some point and we agreed to do the boardwalk today from Dove Lake back to the Visitor Information Centre. We were all getting on with some chores this morning and needed to make sandwiches for lunch. I wondered if doing the same boardwalk that took me out a couple of weeks ago was a good idea, was Friday 13th going to be lucky or unlucky for me? In ... read more
Beautiful Berries
Lake Lilla

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