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August 17th 2015
Published: August 19th 2015
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Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!

All work and no play
So it was still raining pretty hard when we went to bed last night, I read for a while and despite feeling tired, when I put my Kindle down I could not sleep. Perhaps it was the 2 hour time difference having an effect, we didn't feel it last night and we were awake pretty early this morning.

Anyway, eventually disturbed sleep followed, I checked my watch it said 4.30am, I felt as if I had not slept. Andy said "it's been snowing!" I got out of bed to look and sure enough there was a pretty white covering of fresh snow on the balcony and the trees. It looked beautiful in the darkness. Feeling the chill in the room I turned the fire on, well it would warm the room for when it was getting up time.

For some reason I checked my watch again, this time it said 2.30 am. Hmmm, that would explain why I still felt really tired, but as hard as I tried to get back to sleep it was tricky. Eventually I did and just after 7am I got out of bed to make a cup of tea, feeling
Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!

Cradle Mountain 2015
only marginally more refreshed than I did at 2.30 this morning.

I went to the window, and the snow was falling, there was a fairly thick covering already, it felt like waking up on christmas day to find that the snow had fallen, not that I ever remember having a white christmas, but for today it felt like christmas.

I delivered a cup of tea to Andy and slipped back into bed for half hour and then the excitement of the snow and the thought of wombats in the snow was too much, we both sprang out of bed and made haste getting ready for breakfast.

We were going to take the car and then looked at the thick covering of snow and thought better of it, we would walk instead. Wrapped up well with thermals, thick socks, hiking boots, trousers tucked into socks we started to head down the boardwalk to the Lodge. The path looked almost inaccessible but of course the weight of the snow on the branches made everything droop much lower so we had to fight our way through. Being careful with our footing as we did
Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!

Cradle Mountain 2015
not want to fall off the boardwalk. No problems with snake bites at this time of year, snakes will be hibernating and not a problem.

We made it to the Lodge which sits on the edge of a small lake. The whole scene looked stunning and the snow was still falling, the wind would blow every now and again and gust some powdered snow of the roofs of the cabins. It was a perfect winter's scene, our smiles beamed from ear to ear.

We slid into breakfast, a roaring open log fire was on the go, breakfast was busy but we managed to get a table. undeterred

Feeling satisfied that we had enough fuel for most of the day, we headed off for a walk almost tripping over our first wombat of the day, who scurried back underneath one of the cabins for shelter, the snow was coming down quite thick and when the wind blew it was icy cold. We walked around for a while, then went up to the interpretation centre, crossing the snowy bridge and watching our footing to make sure we didn't end up stepping straight into a ditch or a stream.

Crossing the road toward the signposted path, there are huge mounds of snow where it has settled on the button grass and there it was the distinctive shape of a wombat burrowing under the snow to eat the button grass. This wombat had a layer of snow on it's thick fur, the snow had melted and become damp, but undeterred the weathered wombat carried on eating. We left it alone and carried on to the Interpretation Centre.

It has changed a lot since we were last here, it used to have a shop, but now it has lots more information on the area, displays and we did not see anyone around. For those that were following us from the beginning the Interpretation Centre is the rangers station that we went to after I fell over and face planted into the boardwalk.

Of course Andy is worried that I am going to do the same thing in these slippery weather conditions, I don't have a good reputation for standing on my own two feet.

We watched a video, had a mooch at the exhibits and then
Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!

At the interactive centre
decided to walk the 2 kilometres through the snow to the visitors centre which we passed way back down the road on our way in yesterday. By now the snow was laying thick on the ground, we walked back to the road and happened to see a car stuck in the middle of the road. It was a two wheel drive and should not have been on the road, signs were up saying 4 wheel drive and All wheel drive only.

One of the National Parks vehicles was heading our way, we stopped and had a chat with him, once he realised it was not us who was stuck in the middle of the road, he passed comment on the vehicle and the driver "can't fix stupid", he knew he would have to be the one to rescue the occupants. I asked him what the conditions were like for walking to the Visitors Centre, he said that would be ok, just take it steady and watch for the traffic as of course you never know if they are going to slip off the road.

We left him to his rescue and went on our
Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!

Off to Breakfast
merry way, by now the sun had come out, it was beautiful, the blue sky, the pristine white snow was just picturesque it was a chocolate box scene.

I spied a wombat crossing the road, it made haste onto the other side and cut a fairly quick dash through the deep snow, running underneath the sign reminding people to pay their park fees.

These conditions seem to make people more friendly, the occupants of every car that went past waved (except for one), we were even offered lifts, but we were enjoying our short walk. Instead of going to the visitors centre, we headed for the Discovery Park, the caravan and camping park that we stayed at on our very first visit here 6 1/2 years ago. We wanted to catch up with Mark and Clare who are Managers of the park.

Our walk went well, every time a car came along I looked at the slope in the road and walked over to the high side, if anyone slipped it was unlikely that they would slip upwards.

We dropped in and it took a moment for Clare
Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!

Nowhere to sit
to realise who we were, but we were soon chatting over a hot (& well deserved) cup of coffee. Mark had already been out with his 4 wheel drive snow plough cutting paths through the park.

Mark decided that we should have a spin round the park in the snow plough. Now that was a real treat, he needed to clear some more tracks, it gave us a trip down memory lane and the opportunity to see the park in really special conditions. There were not any campers around in tents, Mark added that there was someone in a tent that should have been there last night, but they did not stay. It sounds like they heard about the weather conditions and left early. There were cabins occupied and I cannot say that I blame them, what a great place to be in this weather.

I might just point out, that the only reason why we are staying at the Lodge this time is because it is a special trip and I wanted some luxury to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, you all know that we do the hard yards with our travelling so just the one occasion needed to be different.

Mark offered us a lift back to the Lodge (in his snow plough!) now that was a treat, Andy and I were prepared to walk back, but the weather conditions were coming in again, so it was a good idea to get a lift back.

We made arrangements for dinner that night, Mark dropped us off and we headed back to our cabin for some rest. We admired the amazing view from the balcony, the chairs were packed solid with snow, a Currawong flew onto the balcony rail, sitting on the deep snow looked hopeful, I took a photograph of it but Andy decided it was hungry so gave it a few biscuit crumbs and then it flew off. No sooner than it flew a whole flock of birds descended on the balcony, we ran inside and shut the doors, we thought of a "Murder of Crows" except these were Currawongs, they have beautiful yellow eyes and they all looked hungry. Alfred Hitchcock sprang to mind, we must have had 30 Currawongs sat on the balcony or roof, it was freaky! Andy took pity on them
Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!

Walking for our breakfast
all and opened a packet of peanuts, it kept them happy for a while and when they realised there was no more, they gradually dispersed.

When housekeeping arrived to clean our room we went down to the Lodge for a hot chocolate and to do some blog work (yes, no peace from the blog!).

That done, we headed back up, I jumped into the spa bath (it takes about half hour to fill it), I don't think they are worried about water shortages at the moment, I seem to be enjoying that a little bit too much at the moment.

Later on back down to the Lodge, the roads were now melting, and we met Mark and Clare for our evening meal, unfortunately for Mark and Clare they are both on call and of course in these conditions people do call, the problem of the evening was frozen pipes in the cabins and people could not have showers, so Mark went to remedy the problem. While he was away we ordered dinner and just as he appeared so did our dinner.

We had a great evening catching up
Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!

Cradle Mountain after a deluge of snow
and before we knew it, it was way past our bedtime and the bar was closing (poor Byron - he was so polite about asking us to go to the lounge so that he could close up, he looked as if he had a long shift and was ready for bed).

Doing the right thing we said our goodbyes to Mark and Clare and we drove back up the hill to bed. After making arrangements for the day after tomorrow, but you will have to wait for that, except just to say, it does mean an early start and for those of you that know me, you know that is not my thing, but this will be worth it.

Until tomorrow


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Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!
Can't Fix Stupid!!

Picture Perfect
Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!
Can't Fix Stupid!!

Wombat looking for its breakfast
Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!
Can't Fix Stupid!!

Cradle Mountain Lodge 2015
Can't Fix Stupid!!Can't Fix Stupid!!
Can't Fix Stupid!!

Me feeding the Currawong's

22nd September 2015

Belated happy anniversary Andy & Caroline. Having a peaceful morning and catch up with your blog. The photos of Taz in the snow look wonderful.

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