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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bicheno June 11th 2006

Thirteen years ago, Lorenza and I booked a trip to Tasmania, a few weeks later we put a deposit on a block of land in the mountains northwest of Sydney. We toured Tasmania on our motorcycles and spent some time visiting our long time friend Mandy. At that time (1993), Mandy and Steve had just started going out together. Soon after our return from that trip we built our house. So, thirteen years later, Lorenza and I decided we had better get and see these people again. It had been too long and we had promised so many times to come and visit again. So, in thirteen years what’s changed? More wrinkles? Yes! Some grey hair? Yes! Were the four of us able to make each other laugh? Yes! Had we changed much? Not really! Well, ... read more
View from Chez Mandy & Steve
Wine Glass Bay
Mandy & Lorenza at Freycinet

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bicheno March 6th 1993

Our ride from Gladstone to Bicheno was a lot of fun. Forget the bit getting out of Stumpy's Bay, because it was as bad as the trip to get there. But by now we were feeling relaxed enough that it did not bother us much at all. Just something that had to be done to move on. Todays ride, winding through myrtle forests, past huge tree ferns was bliss. Be warned there are no speed warning signs on any corners so it pays to not think you are Mick Doohan. When we arrived in Bicheno, our long time friend, Mandy, met us at the local shops. It was wonderful to see her lovely smiling face and curly blond hair! After a few days camping we were happy to use her shower and freshen up a bit. ... read more

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