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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bicheno November 30th 2012

After the early morning cloud dispersed the sun was roasting. The forecast was for temperatures in the low 30s and that is pretty warm for Tassie. Continuing up the coast we made a stop at the Great Oyster Bay Lookout that gave a scenic view out over green pastures towards the Bay. The drive through grazing plains was relaxing prior to veering east towards Freycinet National Park. By the time we made it to Coles Bay the temperature was too warm for the intended hike to Wineglass Bay. We got out for a stroll along the esplanade at Coles Bay and then went back up the coast to Bicheno. A pretty little spot set on the beginnings of Maclean Bay, we decided this was the sort of town we should spend some more time in. After ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bicheno November 19th 2012

Third stop in Tasmania was Bicheno on the east coast, about a four hour drive from Port Arthur. Driving alongside the beautiful Derwent River and by Oyster Bay, we arrived at the Bicheno Hideaway late evening. We picked up the key (taped to the door of reception) and found our bungalow. Twenty yards from the Pacific Ocean. Twenty yards from rocks and waves and seagulls on the east, and, behind us, in the west where the sun was setting, fog coming down over the mountains. And that night, drinking Tasmanian wine and eating take out Italian food from the only open Italian delicatessen in Bechino (ok, actually, it was the only open restaurant by the time we got there - we lucked out as it was amazing food), we were visited by the bushy tailed possums ... read more
The Shore
The Hideaway

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bicheno January 24th 2011

Up and out for another walk on the beach. Still windy but all shiny and blue today. There are lots of jellyfish washed up on the beach and the sun is sparkling through them to the sand underneath them. We see a tiny dead penguin on the beach - strange and sad sight. We walk all the way along the beach round to the impressive breakwater. The harbour is choppy and a little dinghy anchored out there is half full of water and looks fascinatingly close to sinking. I love walking out on it and enjoying the waves breaking against it, but at the same time I keep getting images of it being pounded and submerged in a wild storm and that freaks me out a bit and makes my feet hurt. We come across the ... read more
I love jellyfish!
My dashing companion
Breakwater Bicheno

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bicheno December 23rd 2009

Voici déjà ma dernière soirée en Tasmanie... ce short trip a été tellement rapide... une vraie fête pour les yeux!!! L'arrivée à Hobart s'est faite tout en douceur, l'avant-goût des paysages était déjà très alléchant: de grande étendues vertes bordées de collines à la végétation luxuriante dominant des lacs ou des bras de mers aux eaux turquoises, argentées, scintillantes, tellement sublime que j'en ai déjà profité pour prendre quelques photos. Et là, le choc... j'ai quitté Paris lundi matin avec -4°, j'ai testé Sydney mercredi avec 34° et cela tout en faisant du sport (siouplé!), et là, j'arrive à l'aéroport de Hobart et il fait plus chaud dedans que dehors, le thermomètre indique 16°... autant dire ça re-caille! Mais bon la perspective de passer cinq jours avec la petite famille de mon frère m'enchante, les deux ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bicheno November 12th 2009

Day 2 of our Tasmania tour started, as usual, with a bit of driving. We stopped in a small town called Ross, where much like our first day we got to see an old bridge. This one had an interesting story though. As with the majority of Tasmania’s infrastructure at the time, the bridge was built with convict labour. However, the people who commissioned the bridge were supposedly so pleased with the bridge’s detailing, that the convicts were able to have their sentences shortened! How about that for a reward. We then made our way to Wineglass Bay. This involved a bit of a hike between two mountains to get over to the sheltered bay. Halfway there was the lookout, where we got a great view of the bay. After the lookout, we climbed down towards ... read more
Bridge - 2
Bridge - 3

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bicheno February 28th 2009

PA: (ante data en tiempo real) Que he sobrevivido a la granja y a eso que la gente llama trabajar, e intentare ponerme al dia con el blog y sobre todo con los correos sin responder, pero aqui no hay internet en ningun sitio !! thanks for your patient !! Martes 10, Miércoles 11, Jueves 12 y Viernes 13-feb-09 La cosa no ha empezado muy bien, como Sydney me ha absorbido, no he preparado nada de los próximos días (menos mal que saque desde NZ un billete de avión para Tasmania), por que ahora no encuentro alojamiento allí, como tenemos todos la misma guía vamos a mogollón a los mismos 4 sitios, pero ya se por propia experiencia, que hay un montón de camas mas que no aparecen en ningún sitio y aunque llego ya un ... read more
las nubes desde arriba
blow hole
saludo al canguro

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bicheno December 15th 2008

We made our way back to a place near Hobart called Seven Mile Beach for a day and a night to catch up on some school work and the like before heading up to Launceston. We decided to free camp at a cute park in Campbell Town half way between Hobart and Launceston, it is one of the oldest settlements in Tassie. A lot of convicts settled here after they completed their time in Hobart or Port Arthur. We arrived in Launceston and got settled. The next day we decided to do a day trip and drive to St Helens and Bicheno on the East coast about 2 hours drive from Launceston, Just south of Bicheno is Freycinet National Park and Wineglass Bay, we couldn’t do the walk we wanted to do because of the weather ... read more
Pancake Heaven here
At the Bay of Fires near St Helens

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bicheno November 19th 2008

We had only been bush walking for approximately 2 hours- but a mere dawdle I realise for some of you more hardened walkers out there… However, it was at this point that I finally had to admit the stark truth which I had been denying since setting out from the relative safety of Lee’s Hut in near 0 temperatures and driving rain. I was absolutely freezing. This obviously meant that Carissa had probably been freezing a whole lot longer but to her credit managed to keep this startling revelation to herself. What is it they say about the best laid plans? Weeks of studious research, scrounging camping gear (thank you Murray), collating maps and equipment… Only to encounter some of the most shocking weather one could imagine, you know the kind - where the rain travels ... read more
Lee's Paddocks
Absolutely soaking - Beautiful Mt Oakleigh in the background.
Dry at last

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bicheno October 24th 2007

We finally said goodbye to our wonderful oceanview apartment and headed towards Port Arthur. Port Arthur is one of Australia's great tourism destinations. They say every building and every site has a story to tell. Created with convict labour, the impressive architecture, gardens and prison still stand for all to view. The Port Arthur Historic Site has over 30 buildings. The Penitentiary, the Separate Prison were all very impressive. We went on a fun ghost tour that evening and enjoyed all the stories they told. Up bright and early on Friday morning we headed to Hobart. There were many beautiful sites to see. We took a long walk along the waterfront and did some shopping in the little shops. You will see pictures of Salamanca Place on Friday and then a whole new world on Saturday ... read more
Ocean view
Penguins outside our hotel

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bicheno March 7th 2007

Day Five of Fifteen: Wineglass Bay Walk We slept well last night which was just as well because we were going for a walk to a lookout that overlooked Wineglass Bay. The Freycinet National Park is just 28 km south of Bicheno and is the jewel of Tasmanian's east coast. To be honest if you're not prepared to outlay some serious cash for the many Eco Tours in the area, you have to expect to do a lot of walking before you can experience this fantastic area. Wineglass Bay Walk: Over two hours. The Hazards Beach: Over 3 hours. Before entering the park we had to buy a National Park pass. The asking price was $20. The girl behind the desk suggested we pay $50 which would allow us entry into all the National Parks ... read more
Wineglass Bay
Wineglass Bay
Wineglass Bay

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