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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bay of Fires October 21st 2018

I would have liked to see the Tasmanian Devils but on the day when I was in Bicheno and wanted to see Devils in the Dark the tour wasn’t going ! Well that seemed to be my fate here in Tassie.... but if a tour isn’t going do it yourself became my motto . Originally I was going to do a 3 day mini bus tour of East Coast sandwiched between hospitality offered by two lovely ladies from 5W organisation. Then that tour was cancelled so nothing daunted I rented a car and set off myself and enjoyed stopping wherever I felt like it including a stop for Kate’s Farm famous berry pancakes. Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park was the target and after a long drive down the peninsula to Coles Bay the sun was ... read more
Coles Bay
Southern tip

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bay of Fires March 15th 2018

A day trip that took us to a lavender farm, piece of rainforest, and the Bay of Fires (beach area).... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bay of Fires September 28th 2014

WILD TASMANIA...The Bay of Fires. She was conceived in China...carried through Russia...born in UK...married a Frenchman...lives in Australia. When you visit a place with an exotic name you kinda expect heaps of company. When it's free camping in a place with an exotic name you kinda expect crowds. Not much idea what we'd find at our next destination...Tasmania's famous Bay of Fires. So imagine our delight when we met around a campfire...a couple with the most exotic names...amazing stories to boot...the ethereal Anoushka...and her husband Pasqual...with talents that caught us totally by surprise. ****** Leaving Mt William N.P...the North-East point of Tassie to head down the East Coast. First stop Policeman's Point...down a narrow windy road for no other reason than to find a nice stop for lunch...then along a river estuary...narrow grey hard sand track ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bay of Fires March 1st 2014

With a cool but clear morning, we headed east from Derby towards St Helens with a view of camping at one of the free camps on The Bay Of Fires. First stop was at St Columba Falls, tucked into the hills via a twisting sealed road to the car park. Well, car park might be an exaggeration, as there is not really much space for more than 3 cars. Still we tucked ourselves into a space in line with a fence that separates the road from the public toilets. From there it is an easy 600 mtr down hill walk through a beautiful valley of trees. There were fern trees, myrtles, red gum and many others shading the path. The sounds of rushing, tumbling water leave no doubt that there is a substantial waterfall close by, ... read more
St Helens 2
St Columba Falls 2

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bay of Fires January 28th 2014

I came back from this trip on a real high - who wouldn't after four days with perfect weather, stunning scenery and fabulous company? However I have to say it didn't start this way. A friend of mine who has recently become an Australian citizen asked the internet via his Facebook page how he should celebrate Australia Day (26 January) now that he is a citizen. Many of the respondents suggested he should get drunk and punch someone, which sadly if you were to believe the newspapers is a regular Aussie pastime. However I've been here long enough to know that there was another option - celebrate the "Great Outdoors"!. Last year my mother and I had a wonderful 10-day holiday driving around parts of Tasmania, and my favourite spot was the Bay of Fires, so ... read more
Bridport, village by the sea
Lunch with a view!
And we're off!

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bay of Fires April 4th 2013

Tasmanian Devils and other animals Driving down to Port Arthur you go through the small town of Dunalley, just before crossing a narrow isthmus and heading further down the Tasman Peninsula. It was only as we got to the small township that I remembered that this area was in the direct path of some fearsome bushfires earlier this year. We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw the devastation left from the fires, which destroyed the town. There were around 80 homes lost, leaving just lonely brick chimneys, or sometimes a washing line standing in an empty field. The fire reached all the way to the water. It seemed in-congruent, the charred trees overlooking the sea. I remembered seeing photos in the newspaper of families in the water, surrounded by billowing clouds of smoke and flames. ... read more
Kookaburra sits on the old....fence
Feeding the Kangaroos
Mum had to be persuaded, but finally caved in

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bay of Fires February 13th 2013

From Swansea we drove to Coles Bay, I bought some delicious oysters, and then, rather than go down the Freycinet Peninsular, we decided we'd drive north. We passed sheep, olive and walnut groves and vineyards and then bushland for quite awhile. We've seen so much roadkill this trip - small wallabies, pademelons and possums. We haven't seen a lot of live wildlife except for a wallaby who hopped in front of the car. There are a lot of birds, however, and around this area, a lot of black swans .. so that's where they went when they left our area at home! The hills and trees remined us of the south coast of NSW. We came to Bichino where the water was a beautiful blue, the rocks smooth and sandy/orange. It was a pretty place. We ... read more
Looking toward the Freycinet Peninsular
Binalong Bay

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bay of Fires December 29th 2012

29thDecember 2012. Daniel's 38th birthday today (but he still thinks he's 21!!!). It was a beautiful morning but the wind was very strong. So after breakfast, we packed up and moved further south towards the Bay of Fires. It was a great drive, a combination of some coastal views and green country hills. It felt like we were in a different country. Upon arriving at the Bay of Fires, we were faced with awesome sceneries. It was rather similar to the south east coast of New South Wales, but the wind and water was extremely cold. On a down side, all the camping areas along the Bay of Fires were packed like sardines. We have never seen so many people camping so close to one another. No matter, there were more camp sites further south of ... read more
Waterhouse Point
Tasman Highway
Binnalong Bay

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bay of Fires February 9th 2012

Although it was still a cool morning, luckily the rain had subsided. We were going to have a towny / restful day. So Dean went fishing at St Helens wharf (disappointingly all his bites were too small) and I had a look around town. They have a cool and quirky little charity shop where you can fill up one shopping bag, with anything you like, for $4. So I had heaps of fun :-) In the afternoon, we drove to the Bay of Fires Conservation Area and, courtesy of our “Camps” book, found another awesome spot at Swimcart Beach Campground. Sadly, again complete with dodgy long drop loo… But I’m kind of getting used to them now! The Bay of Fires is just stunning and our camp spot is literally five steps to the soft sandy ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bay of Fires January 14th 2012

Friday 13th January (no we’re not superstitious- touch wood!) - we were packed and ready to leave our motel by about 9:30 and we were heading for St Helens. I had booked a cabin on a caravan park for a couple of nights and St Helens would give us good access to The Bay of Fires – an area we haven’t visited before. We had a journey of about 250 kilometers but we weren’t sure which was the best route to take. Graham wanted to stick entirely to main roads so that we covered the distance at a reasonable speed but Satnav suggested an alternative, so say, swifter route along country roads. Satnav won the decision but it wasn’t entirely successful. The roads were narrow, hilly and in poor condition so progress was slow although the ... read more
Beautiful countryside on our route to St Helens
Bridge over the Macquarie River at Ross
Fine sandstone church in Ross

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