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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide September 7th 2004

Adelaide once more! Here are pics from the Classic Adelaide Car Rally 19-23 November 2003. A fantastic event for the classic car enthusiast. I was over the moon to see racing legends Sir Jack Brabham, Sir Stirling Moss, Vern Schuppan, Jim Richards. One definitely not to be missed this coming November 2004. Be sure to come early and find a strategic look-out spot. Check the routes and make sure that you get the “barbie” going with some Pale Ale. Another free event not to be missed.... read more
Hey I know that guy!

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide September 2nd 2004

Another 18 days to go before my travels and am already feeling homesick! It’s always an anxious time to be out of the comfort zone and Adelaide is all that to me and more. Today is a bit of a shocker as I had just been told by my program co-ordinator that I cannot leave for Europe until I had submitted my report on his desk by close of business tomorrow, (a paper on South East Asian Labour Relations) which I have kept on putting off. No more. After my ultimatum, I am now in front of my computer screen wondering where to begin. It is not a hard task but I already caught the travel itch and my mind is already elsewhere... Meanwhile, while twiddling my thumbs, I am going to do my very first ... read more
The Art Gallery of South Australia (pre renovation)

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Outback » Coober Pedy August 25th 2004

From Adelade we headed North. Yay warmer! We started by stopping for a 10am wine tasting. The wine was really good too... So all buzzed up on Sav Blanc and a Rose Dessert wine we headed north through the Flinders Ranges. Lunch was a tasty Kangaroo Pie, which might be my favourate red meat. Who needs cows when you can have roos. From there we went to Alligator gorge... hiked through the river and gorge. We spent the night in the bustling metroplis of Quorin. In all seroiusness it is almost a real town. It had a decent pub. you've gotta love the Aussies, they build the worlds longest fence as a deterent to keep the dingos away from the sheep and cattle. now any dingo that wanted too could get through this fence, but it ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide August 23rd 2004

were our dinner in Adelade, but i get ahead of myself.... After the Blue Mountains Rachel, Brendan and I headed into Sydneyto have drinks and dinner with my friend Beng, his girlfriend and his brother Vincent. (Beng is an Aussie who i met in Copenhagen last summer, and the 2 of us spent several days exploring.) At first i was concerned that the whole thing would be awkward. No worries, it turns out. We started immedately drinking, an activity enjoyed by all! Everyone got along, we were all quite animated and ejoying ourselves. Dinner was Pizza (for everyone but Rachel, and her pasta was the best thing we got) and 2 liters of house white wine. It was the worst wine i have had in australia, but we drank all of it. From dinner, we headed ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia June 3rd 2004

Fifty kilometers to the north of Coober Pedy witches hats of white dirt, 20 feet tall begin to apear on the windswept plain. They are the mullock heaps, earth disgarded from the mine shaft beside each one, every gram checked for colour, opal. No humans to see, what few there are 30 feet down carefully chipping a drive forward or sorting spoil in the adjacent hut on wheels, before all that isn't opal, joins the mullock heap's pointy top through a dinosaur neck extractor. Alice Springs is 700km behind and Adelaide 700  father south   as the Sturt Highway nears Coober Pedy. Those first Mullock heaps have by now coalesed into ranges with odd outliers at spots where the effort of digging outweighed the value of opal found. Suddenly the town, in a gully. One minute cold(its winter) and windy saltbush, saltbush and mullock heaps to the horison ... read more

Horsnell Gully was a real surprise! It is located near Magill in the foothills of Adelaide so very close to my work. There was some ruins of the Horsnell buildings at the start and then the walk starts with a stroll through European trees. They were loosing their leaves when we were there. We scrambled up the creek and up the face of a waterfall to get to the top of the hill. Good views. Saw large Mouse spiders walking around. They usually live underground and the male goes walking at only one time of the year. The walk goes down on a wide track and then around past the quarry before returning to the car park. Good walk :-) Map of Adelaide hills... read more
Heath on the hills

Oceania » Australia » South Australia April 1st 2004

Not a destination on everybodies itinery. It was planned to be a 5 day pit stop enroute to Ayers Rock but was elongated into 2 months!!!!... All the guide books say that you should see everything in Australia before coming here as you wont want to leave, i just thought that was a devious marketing scheme aimed at squeezing more $ out of tight arse backpackers! but i was pleasently surprised to see that their write-up was spot on! This Hostel is slap-bang in the middle of nowhere, and is like an oasis!. Where every night is a saturday night. It has tree houses, hammocks a swimming pool, outdoor bbq area for the saturday night bbq's and free wine!, a gym, sauna, tennis and beach volleyball court, football pitch, Tv/Video Lounge, Games room for the alcoholics, ... read more
Berri Backpackers
Dress $5 Salvation army shop. Blue Steel: Priceless.
SA Vineyard 45oC + !!

Oceania » Australia » South Australia March 28th 2004

After a couple of nights in Adelaide to recuperate, it was time to hit the road again, leaving Adelaide behind for good. We boarded the big green bus at silly o’clock in the morning and headed for Great Ocean Road. In all it took us 3 days to get to Melbourne, we went through Halls Gap, (killing a poor Wallaby that dared to run in front of the bus) the Grampians where we saw McKenzie Falls – damn steps again. I was starting to see a pattern emerging in this holiday and wasn’t too impressed. I saw my first real Australian kookaburra when we returned to the top of the steps, maybe a reward from above for persevering, who knows. We stayed in Warrnambool, visited Torquay and the famous Bells Beach. The beach is where some ... read more

A small park with buffalo. You basically walk in a square. Nice lot of bird life on the last stretch.... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia March 27th 2004

To help you find a walk to do, here is a list of all our recorded walks/activities by location, starting with Adelaide suburbs, moving to Adelaide Hills, an hour north and south, and then the further extremes of South Australia. I have backdated this entry so it will appear as the first one in our travelblog - and therefore appear on our front page We will update this page as we journal future walks in SA. Adelaide suburbs Port Adelaide , , Semaphore , Hallett Cove Golden Grove West Lakes Adelaide , Wetlands Glenelg Adelaide Hills - less than an hour from Adelaide ... read more

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