New Years is Over-rated?!?

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January 1st 2007
Published: January 22nd 2007
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Three years ago I came to the conclusion that New Years Eve is, in fact, overrated. I had spent one to many 31st of Decembers shivering in the rain at the Bay, listening to crappy DJ's at the Bentleys or worse still staying home coz there was nothing else worth doing.

Thankfully, New Years Eve 2005 was a major improvement, with a road trip to Robe, a lively pub, lobster and great company. New Years Eve 2006 set to build on this new tradition and when I decided I was coming home for Christmas a lot of my excitement came from knowing that I would not miss out on the Robe trip.

After an early start dropping Mum and Dad at the airport to fly off to Coolangata, I headed to Cherida's house to wake up the sleeping beauties and after picking up the rest of the gang we were on the road (well Sarah and Erin were on the road in the wrong direction but they caught up later!!)

We rolled into Robe four hoursish later, and a little bit later than that started to drink. The Coronas were limed up, the Pulses were fizzing and the vodka cranberries were cracking, we were all a little merry by the time we had waited for Bid to finish her makeup and set out on foot to the Callie. (The New Caledonian Hotel is apparently where the older crowd hang out, which, at the ripe old age of 23, is apparently the age bracket we now fit into, according to Sarah's 18 year old brother anyway!)

The pub wasn't as packed as it was the year before, and the band a bit disappointing but the quality of the crowd was second to none (coz we were in it) and a good time was had by all.

The New Year welcomed, we headed for bed (again on foot), to awake the next morning and start 2007 invigorated with a chilly but refreshing dip in the ocean. (Note the REAL beach!)

I had a lovely time lazing, chatting and basically bumming around Robe for a couple of days before going back to Adelaide, where I spendt a fantastic couple of days with Holly and Darren and then topped it all off with Marissa's Tadaima (Im home) party. It was the best fun to make yakisoba and pass around
Liming the CoronasLiming the CoronasLiming the Coronas

Erin shows us how its done!
onigiri (rice balls) and gyooooozaaa!

With all the catching up done with family and friends and everything in between (and my computer as good as new (thankyou Sheila and Michael and Matthew!) my holiday in Australia also came to an end. I had a great time and am definitley looking forward to going and staying home......................................... Some time!

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Pre party drinksPre party drinks
Pre party drinks

Did someone say big sunnies are in?
Walking into RobeWalking into Robe
Walking into Robe

C'mon its not that far..... Harden the .... Up! Sorry Girls this is a family show!
Holly and IHolly and I
Holly and I

At the Havelock where I had a massive schnitty with diane sauce.
Freaking Awesome!!!Freaking Awesome!!!
Freaking Awesome!!!

Daz and his porn mo. Wow waka waka.

After a week and a half!!!

23rd January 2007

Wordplays to Heaven
What are sunnies? Amazing Beach! Fantastic Looking BBQ. Nice Pink Top! Alcohol in Every Picture? Aussie girls are Hot. You didn't leave the Karaoke in Japan? Thongs in the USA are an Item of Clothing... :)
26th January 2007

Wallaroo not the same without you and neither is Australia Day at the cricket at Adelaide Oval. How will we survive til next new Year without you Love MUM ps Im glad to finally be in the same blog as Spiro and Karina and had a great time with you and loved your family Marissa. Hope to catch up again soon

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