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December 2nd 2018
Published: December 2nd 2018
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First a couple of housekeeping items. Last night I discovered where the comments section in travel blog is. Most importantly I’d like to apologise to the UK couple who asked me in 2015 how long it would take to tow a caravan to Halligan Bay. I wouldn’t tow a caravan as you will note by the little memorial about half way to the Bay dedicated to the German lady who died of dehydration after getting bogged. I apologise for any inconvenience.
Secondly I should explain the trip. I am joined by Brooksie, a great explorer and organiser who has walked from the Dig Tree to Christmas Creek, Mike Henwood, a stellar mechanic and organisation man known for his attempted circumnavigation of Australia with his wife and a toddler (no joke), Wilko, a champion snorer who knows about as much about mechanics as Stewie (our dog) and Laxman the well known author who’s latest book is available at We are taking two trailer boats from Mildura to Murray Mouth about 750kms by the river.
As Mary-Marie Little said “5 middle aged guys, alcohol and outboard engines. What could go wrong?
In an entirely selfless gesture Wilko, Adam and I slept in a 3 bed family room leaving Mike and Brooksie in a twin. All was going well until the groom from the wedding downstairs complained that they couldn’t hear the band over Wilko’s snoring.
The team was up bright and early, especially Wilko who would finally get to meet MacKenzie. We fuelled up the boats, cars and 100litres in jerry cans. On the first leg we have about 200ks between fuel. We launched the boats and left Brooksie and Mike to pack the boats while we headed to the airport to meet MacKenzie. Yep I won the bet and I was surprised that Budget had incorporated black tights into their uniform. She was a delightful young lady who had gone out of her way to help. So now we head to Wellington at the mouth of Lake Alexandrina.
This trip I have introduced the team to an App which is asmall piece of coding which is saved on your mobile phone which is a small device for ...... The way things are going I’ll be running a five day training course in how to use the Splitwise app.
The trip was uneventful except for the car in front with the wobbling rear wheel. Having experienced a lost wheel at 110kph I can tell you it is tricky to control the car. I was torn between hanging back so the wheel didn’t kill me when it came flying off and getting them to pullover. I chose the latter.
Charlene the Check Out Chick was on the way to Woollies At Loxton. I was surprised that Woolies had incorporated black tights into their uniform. Yes she had noticed something funny but was in a hurry. Yes the reason this wheel was different was because Dad had put it on before she left because the other one was bald. Despite her having no jack (and a somewhat neglectful father), Adam and I got her back on the road without the wobble.
There was a quarantine checkpoint, having wised up to quarantine checkpoint at WA after the Kimberley Trip I had already got two plunnets of “sacrificial” salad leaves out of the fridge. Yep “Sorry thought we’d taken all the fruit and veg out, but I forgot these!” It was an even bigger win as apparently fruit flies don’t like lettuce. She didn’t even get me to open the fridge.
We arrive at Wellington and leave the cars and trailers and drive back to Mildura. Wilko is quite deflated as MacKenzie said there’s no need to call her as we can just leave the keys in the Budget key box.
I am hopeful that given all the time Brooksie and Mike have had they will have serviced the boats and rigged up the fishing gear. At about 4pm I got a notification on Splitwise for lunch at Stefanos in Mildura so I’m thinking there won’t be any servicing!
When we get about 30ks out of Loxton Wilko reveals that the fuel light is on. Apparently our little discussion about fuel being the most important consideration hadn’t resonated. So we are without aircon, the fridge is off and we’ve contemplated leaving Adam behind. Fingers crossed.
Meanwhile back at Mildura the boys have started downstream and have rung the lock master (also a character in Warhammer) and said they’d be there at 3pm. Now our general experience of the lockmasters is, apart from the lack of wizardry powers, that they are salt of the earth types with the cruisiest job imaginable. However the boys had encountered the lockmaster from hell. They arrived at 3pm there was still no activity. They called the lockmaster and apparently he’d already been and was back at the pub. He’d be back at 4.
The boys found a campsite and we managed to rendezvous successfully with Brooksie and headed downstream to the campsite.
Imagine our surprise when after we’d been labouring ALL day we couldn’t see any tents. There was no cooking smells, no cold beers and no nibbles. Mike took us in a tour of the toilet area which didn’t really change our disappointment.
Now we are drinking cold beer, listening to cockatoos, eating cheese and lavosh and putting up with Brooksies jokes.


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