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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Yorke Peninsula January 3rd 2017

The very next day, after spending the night at Moonta bay I packed up my camping gear and set off in the car to Ardrossan. This is a 50 KM hop across the Yorke Peninsula. Observing the lovely green scenery as I drove the 35 minutes to town, I was awe inspired by the fact that we have such lush greenery during the winter months here in South Australia. Upon arrival I was greeted by the caravan park manager, who showed me where I will be staying for the night. The camping ground was small pebbles, but that didn't matter because I had a comfy mattress in my swag. As you will see from the photos the caravan park was very nice and even had a creek that ran through the middle of the caravan park. ... read more
Over looking Gulf ST Vincent
Overlooking gulf ST Vincent and Ardrossan township
At Ardrossan caravan park

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Yorke Peninsula October 3rd 2016

Monday 3 October – public holiday travelling from Moonta to Marion Bay It was Labour Day in SA and the wind was still blowing. We fought the wind as we packed our van up. We were certainly a well-oiled machine now. We got away by 9.00am and there were lots of caravan bays empty. It was school holidays in SA so the weather was not helping as we saw many families packing up. As soon as we drove to Moonta, away from the Bay, we certainly noticed the wind was not gale-force. We headed for Maitland which was half way across Yorke Peninsula. The town was named in 1872 after Lady Jean Maitland, the wife of the First Lord of Kilkerran, a family connection of the governor of South Australia at this time, Sir James Fergusson; ... read more
61 Doug, Leura and Tom at Marion Bay Tavern
55 Maitland War Memorial (1)
55 Maitland (2)

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Yorke Peninsula September 3rd 2016

Heading to the Yorke Peninsula was such a random, spontaneous trip and I didn't think twice about going when my friend Tim invited me. I thought it was just nice to get away from Clare for a while before I headed off to Gawler then Sydney! I got picked up early that Monday morning and headed down to Corny Point, high spirits, sunny weather and a better outlook on life. We arrived at the beach house which overlooked the ocean and settled our belongings inside, food, water, red wine.. We set out to explore Corny Point and I instantly fell in love with the whole place. Such a cute seaside village... Hardly anyone else around. I guess it was winter.. We took the surf boards and settled on a beach called Berry Bay South. Changed into ... read more
Fishing Wednesday from the beach
Post sunset surf
Toes in the water, lovely!

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Yorke Peninsula September 23rd 2013

Yorke Peninsula in South Australia is a pretty part of the world. I love the old stone buildings dotted around the country side. The sandstone architecture is lovely too. We arrived here late on Saturday and went for a bit of a tour on Sunday. A very pretty part of the world, the peninsula is a wheat growing area, which is evident by the huge silos at the ports, like Wool Bay and Ardrossan. There are also canola fields and some other grain crops, I am not sure what exactly. While we were out driving, we investigated jetties along the coast for good fishing spots. Most of the small towns have a jetty, so there are plenty to choose from. We decided on Wool Bay, based on the amount of squid ink marks. On Saturday night, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Yorke Peninsula April 19th 2013

Friday 19th What a rough night - little sleep for anyone at Edithburgh last night as a very strong wind rose in the evening and enthusiastically rocked the motorhome, not only all night, but as we drove to Wallaroo on the west coast of Yorke Peninsular. The sun rise this morning was much brighter than the photographer felt, and seemed ominous. However, the sky brightened by afternoon. Marg drove the first leg through to Minlaton via Yorketown. Despite previously reporting the need to do further testing on the quality of Yorketown Bakery custard slice, we proceeded through to Minlaton. The Yorke Peninsular has rolling low hills, so what blows from the east is shared with those living on the west of the peninsular. There are no mountains or substantial hills to soak up the cold blast, ... read more
Photographic Arrangement
Cloudy Sunrise
Adelaide Hills from Edithburgh

Thursday 18th Instead of rushing out and about today, we have stopped to enjoy the location where we are camping. There was an interesting sunrise this morning, and the softer colours brought back the old saying 'Red sky in the morning - shepherds warning. A couple of hours later and we had a few showers along with the cold wind. By lunch time the sky showed more blue, temperatures warmed and the rain stopped. So we went walk about in Edithburgh. We have noticed that these old port towns have one thing in common - the main street runs down to the jetty. Historic photos of Edithburgh show that with the old salt processing factory on the right just before the jetty, and accommodation on the left including the local pub. The old factories have gone, ... read more
Gliding on the wind
On approach
Touch down

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Yorke Peninsula April 17th 2013

Wed 17th After a clear star lit night, Wednesday dawned as a bright clear and almost cloudless, so it was a great day to go exploring. One of the hazards of motor camps is over bright park lighting, and that effected us overnight. So, after Marg did a walk around, we moved to the other side of David's van and also parked at a different angle to dodge the problem for the second night. That delayed departure for half an hour, and so we set off across the southern coast of Yorke Peninsular. If you look at the map, Edinburgh is at the heel of the boot, and we were going to drive along the sole of the boot to the toe at Innes National Park, Cape West. We set out on the Scenic Drive with ... read more
Pondalowie Bay
Abandoned stup jump plough
The wind farm

Tuesday 16th Morning broke with some light cloud, but the sun soon gave us a bright day to enjoy. Before leaving Ardrossan, we dropped into the local bakery. This one is really good, so we left with yummy things for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. They have some special slices, the nut slice is really great apparently. We went with a cinnamon and apple lunch log, chocolate custard and cream bun (not unlike an éclair) and apricot slice. We headed south with first stop being Port Julia where we had a quick thought for our PM. This is just a small hamlet but in years gone by, coastal ships came here to collect grain. The current jetty wouldn't support trade these days. The location is popular with fishing people and an easy place to launch ... read more
Safe Waters
Port Julia cliffs

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Yorke Peninsula April 2nd 2013

Port Vincent is approx 2/3rds down the east coast of the Yorke Peninsula. Good Friday saw every person in South Australia come here to stay, thank goodness we booked ahead. The caravan parks is quite well located and the facilities coped very well with the crowds. It was lovely on Monday afternoon, when quite a number of them left and the numbers became far more respectable. Then it was our turn to ride out and explore. We headed through Stansbury to Edithburgh and from there found a bakery at Yorketown (Mike, we just want to maintain a certain standard) We rode through Warooka and down to Marion Bay, which is located at the start of the Innes National Park. From there up to Corny Point, back through Warooka and to Minalton before returning to camp. The ... read more

The wheels are rolling again. Well after a few delays caused by events beyond our control – Geoff’s infected tooth and Marg’s onset of a case of Shingles; we finally made a bolt for it on May 1st. Our first day was a bit windy, but the new anti-sway bar (designed to stop the van fish-tailing worked a treat.) The first stage of this trip is purely a transit stage so we pushed on and got to Dimboola. No, we did not see Muriel, but we did see all her mates out on the road-works that have been a feature of the journey so far. We pulled into an overnight stop and cracked a beer; end of day one, or so we thought! After dinner it started to rain, not too heavily, but rain nevertheless. We ... read more
Ruin, Mintaro
Spring Valley Lookout, Clare S.A.
Burra copper mine ruins

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