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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Tumby Bay May 26th 2014

We were reluctant to leave Yeldurknie Weir - such a lovely, quiet place. We were all ready to head off and I noticed a lovely gum flower (erythrocorys native to the Dongara area in WA) and stepped out to take a photograph. When I returned to the car no Chewie. He was eventually found being a Koala. First sign of naughty behaviour this trip. Drove into Cleve and filled the car. Most small towns now appear to have a special entry gimmick and Cleve's is a corrogated iron sculpture of a border collie guarding each entrance. We couldn't find the museum we wanted to visit and when we consulted our tourism information discovered we had to call to make and appointment to have it opened for inspection. Didn't have time for that. We had visited another ... read more
002 Sleeping Koala
003 Cleve Entry point
004 Identifying mangrove species

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Tumby Bay July 3rd 2013

We woke late at Gibbon and finally were ready to get on the road. Last thing to be checked everytime we move off are the lights on the van. Nothing. We used Dave's trick of spraying WD40. Nothing. We had to proceed without lights again. It was weird, we know they were working when we arrived at the site. The road was gravel but had JUST been graded and was in perfect condition. Better than the tarred roads in Brinkworth. We travelled straight through to Tumby Bay where we knew there was an auto electrician and the problem was fixed. Apparently one wire had come loose, but he did some more magic and all is well again. From what we can gather speaking to other vanners lights are generally the biggest problem. We booked into the ... read more
002 Jetty Tumby Bay
003 We wondered what we were allowed to do
004 Seaweed - apparently all throughout Spencer Gulf

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Tumby Bay April 12th 2013

Of the 5 days we stayed at Tumby, we didn't get to ride much, and you might ask why. .........I am waiting for you to ask...Not long after arriving, as we were checking the bikes, we noticed that both rear tyres were looking a bit the worse for wear. A quick search on the net located a bike shop in Port Lincoln and we organized for new tyres. We rode in early Wednesday morning to have both new tyres fitted and a bit of a visit around the town. Having said previously that the S.A. roads are good, we are not going to reneg on the statement, but you need to be aware that the surface of the road is quite rough, the tyres we had on were a reasonably soft compound for our local roads ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Tumby Bay March 21st 2011

ONE HUNDRED NOT OUT – DAY 222 This is actually our one hundredth blog so we thought it might be a good time to review what we’ve done, how we approach preparing a blog and also to identify a few major highlights of our trip so far. We know that our blog readers approach them in different ways. Some hang on every word (good on ‘em) and are happy with the full and detailed explanations of our day (we know we go on a bit!). Some save them up and read them a batch at a time. We know of at least three arrangements whereby they are copied and passed on to people who don’t have computers. Some others “quick read” the blogs, picking out only the things that appeal to them. Others just skip ... read more
Looking good at the Warwick Sculpture Symposium
Lovely beach at Maroochydore
Wonderful to see so many whales

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Tumby Bay March 20th 2011

Wednesday 16th March – we had a good run through the Pichi Richi pass and then on past Port Augusta. We were able to by-pass Whyalla, where we had stayed eight years before, and eventually we stopped for a break in Cowell. At one time we had identified Cowell for an overnight stop but, not unlike with Wilmington and Quorn a few days ago, we had time to travel on and thought that Tumby Bay may have a little bit more to offer. We were right - Cowell was ideal for a quick break and also had a Post Office which I was able to use to post a small parcel back to the UK. The lady behind the counter was thrilled to see a couple of Brits and told us all about her up-coming trip ... read more
This pipe goes 100s of kms
Very colourful wall mural in Cowell
Very 'conveniently' placed in Tumby Caravan Park

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Tumby Bay March 17th 2011

Throughout our recent travels, which have now stretched into a seventh month, we have kept ourselves aware of world events, especially the numerous “natural” disasters, via the internet or the TV. We have been close to some of them. We were in Queensland when the tropical rains began about a month earlier than expected causing widespread flooding and we had been through Toowoomba where there was such devastation and loss of life in the Lockyer Valley and beyond. We were stunned by the extent of the disaster and felt lucky that our only inconvenience was the occasional change of route because of closed roads. Of course, the problems were compounded by Cyclone Yasi which added further misery to those who had already suffered in Queensland. Similarly, during our time in Victoria before and after Christmas, severe ... read more
Only a few days old - little Oscar Takeru
Enjoying our temporary lifestyle in Aus

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