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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Simpson Desert July 27th 2013

Day 4 Big Red Saturday Even I was out of bed before 7am this morning, it was a beautiful morning and watching day break and sunrise in the desert was just amazing. It had been a fairly warm night, I am glad that we left the canvas flaps open it let some air circulate. By now I am getting used to the swag and feeling very comfortable with it, but that is easy with the flaps open and two doonas to help keep us warm. Andy started the day off for all of us by making pancakes which we had with either Maple or Golden Syrup and cream, delicious and filling but wondering if it was not going to be the best meal to sit on our stomachs when we hit those undulating tracks over the ... read more
Crossing yet another clay pan
National Park

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Simpson Desert July 26th 2013

Day 3 - Crossing the Simpson The Tri State Expedition It was definitely a cold night, you could feel the dampness on the canvas inside the swag. When we emerged from our cosy little cell, we could see the frost cast across some of our belongings. The sun was well on its way to being up and there is not a cloud in the sky. Although we did not want to appear unsociable, as soon as we were out of bed we got breakfast on the go and started to break camp, as everyone wanted to get out on the tracks slightly earlier than yesterday. We have a lot of mileage to cover before we can get out of the desert and because of the sand and track conditions the going can be pretty slow, so ... read more
Salt Lake
Just another part of the track
Lake Thomas

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Simpson Desert July 25th 2013

You will have to forgive me for being a little bit brief on this blog, as most of you know I do try and write the blog while Andy is driving and now we are in the desert this is hard to accomplish so I probably have not written as much as I normally would and will try to describe as much as I can. We woke up in the Simpson Desert, which was fortunate as that is where we went to sleep last night. It was a great feeling, Andy peeled back the canvas on his side and we watched the sun come up over the dune, it was just after 7am when we got out of bed to get the kettle on. I cannot tell you how well I slept, especially after last night ... read more
Desert Scrub
Who's Footprint?
Mud Crab 2

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Simpson Desert July 24th 2013

Crossing the Simpson Desert - Day 1 Wow, here it is, the morning has arrived and we were up early to get Gypsy packed up and taken around to her temporary home so that we can cross the Simpson Desert and on to Birdsville, Andy even has the awning down before I have emerged. By 9am we are parking Gypsy up near the Rangers Station and head straight back to camp to hook up with the guys that we met yesterday when I was asking for a favour from them. There are 3 vehicles in the group and for today we will be ringers and make up the group of 4, they are calling themselves the Mud Crabs, we cannot be Mud Crabs, so they called us Blue Ring Octopus and that is the call sign ... read more
Purni Bore
Desert Pass required

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