Yalata to Eucla

Published: April 8th 2016
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Straight roads can be interesting........

Yalata is an Aboriginal Reserve and Lutheran Mission owned by the South Australian Government but controlled by the Lutheran Church of Australia. The Aboriginals of the Pintantjarra.

We departed our overnight camp site at 0800hrs and a very cool 4 degrees Celsius, a short 5km drive to Yalata with the sun beginning to warm the earth

With the large 80 meter cliffs running 200km on one side of the road and the small shrub bush plains as far as the eye can see on the other side of the road, the drive went quick.
Lots of photo opportunities and amazing views of The Great at Australian Bight.

0940hrs we took in the views of the Great Australian Bight from the Centre of The Great Australian Bight. Amazing cliff escarpment with load thundering water hitting the cliff face. views. A great whale watching area, however no whales at this time of the year. Here we purchased a few tourist goodies and ice creams for morning tea, temperature 15 degrees Celsius.

11.00hrs we stopped a little farther up the Eyre Hwy for some fuel at the Nullarbor Road House, diesel 158c/l, now 17 degrees Celsius and minimal trees on the horizon, just shrubs and grass.

Three further stops along the Bight to take in the beauty of the ocean and the rugged shore line.

The kids travelling as well as can be expected, the odd argument, but a lot of homework got done today and the Star Wars DVD's are getting a good run.

At 1415hrs we arrived at Border town, here we entered into Western Australia.
Boarder Town (Village) 50meters from the Australian Agricultural Quarantine Checkpoint. The gateway between South Australia and Western Australia. Here we took on fuel at 160c/l and wand our clocks back one and a half hours.
At the check point we gave up our potatoes, onions, tomatoes and honey. I now know if I had cooked some of the produced I would not have had to give it up.

Just a few kms down the road was Eucla, with no supermarket or large store.
We arrived at Eucla early afternoon. Eucla renowned for the constant moving sands. Settled in 1877 as a key link in the telegraph system between South and Western Australia. After several discussions we setup camp on a spacious site

The Old Jetty
with small shade trees and 10amp power and a bin on site, Here we had to pay $1 for 4 minute showers, putting money into a vending machine, success rate of a hot shower just above average. Bathroom score 6/10.
Set up we took in the land marks, Edward John Erye's Memorial and the old telegraph station. We then got adventurist and drove across the white sand dunes to the pristine beach and old pier. Enjoying BBQ chicken wings, lamb chops, pasta and vegetables for dinner.
Great day.

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