Port Kenny to Yalata

Published: April 8th 2016
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Straight roads. White grain silos, white sand dunes, jettys and cliff escarpments now span the country side.

After a night in the 2 and a half star Port Kenny caravan park, we set out early. 0830hrs and already several large kangaroos on the road. Light rain falling. The kids focusing on their journals and school work between towns and places of interest. Billy making a documentary with the video camera, with myself filming most of the adventure from the front seat off our Land Drover Discovery.

We have many interesting places to see on the east end of the Nullarbour, The weather 11 degrees and drizzling rain, does not deter us from an adventure to Point Labatt Sea Lion and Fur Seal Colony, which is part of the Nuyts Archipelago Marine Park. We view from a far some fur seals on the rocks below, after our 90km round trip diversion off the Eyre Highway.

Next stop Murphy's Hay Stacks, a 1500 million year old geological wonder. Ancient wind worn granite rocks that are approximately 50 to 100 metres in height and width. They are situated on a section of land surrounded by grain farms. A quick explore, toilet stop and back into the car

Half an hour on we stop for an early lunch at Streaky Bay, famous for it's endless beaches,countless fishing spots and spectacular coastlines. In 1627 it was sighted by Dutchman Peter Nuyts from the ship the Golden Zeepard and 2 centuries later rediscovered by Captain Matthew Flinders.
Named Streaky Bay because of the streaks in the water across the bay, caused by the reflection of the light and seaweed. 1839 Edward John Eyre established a camp 3km from the existing town. Wirungu Aboriginal people were the First Nations people of the land known as Streaky Bay.
Tom spotted a white fur seal resting under the jetty whilst we ate our cup of soups and tuna in the shore park. A visit to the trendy cafe's and purchase of some Streaky Bar home made produce. Streaky Bay is the home of Australian Salmon Fishing.

Travelling the Erye Highway 40km south west of Ceduna, we take a stopped at 13.30hrs in the small community of Smoky Bay, population 200 people. Here we bought 2 dozen fat oysters for $10, fresh from the nets and off the conveyor belt as the oysters are being sorted in one of the oyster sheds. A huge oyster industry here.

At 14.40hrs we arrived at Ceduna, known for the pristine ocean and rugged coastline. On the Far West Coast of South Australia, on the scenic shores of Murat Bay and The Great Australian Bight. A multicultural community of 3500 people, with diverse business and Industry. Temperature now 18 degrees. Ceduna is the official easterly end of the commencement of the Nullarbour Plains. and the Great Australian Bight. we have another of our regular toilet stops and purchase desiel at 71.16cents per litre, odometer 77429 and temperature 17 degrees.

Further on we pass through Penong a grazing district that relies on the pumping of water from the anjutable water basin, hence the large numbers of wind mills.

As the sun started to go down at 17.50hrs, we found a great free camp in the Yalata Aboriginal Reserve, just past the dog fence or dingo fence. A pest-exclusion fence that was originally built in the 1880's to keep dingoes out of the fertile south-eastpart of the continent.

As Peter tried to manovoure the caravan between the gumtrees and sandy ground puddles from recent rain he clipped the caravans left side on a large tree, shaping our awning like a banana and putting a indentation in area around step and door. Setting up with out the awning it is a great evening for an open fire and a beautiful starry night. Peter enjoying 60% of the oysters whilst we ate the corn beef and vegetables from the dream pot.

A great evening of rest

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Murphy's HayStacksMurphy's HayStacks
Murphy's HayStacks

Large Granite Rocks
Smoky BaySmoky Bay
Smoky Bay

Cheap Oysters
Fresh OystersFresh Oysters
Fresh Oysters

Brought at Smoky Bay
Yalata Aboriginal ReserveYalata Aboriginal Reserve
Yalata Aboriginal Reserve

Free Camping Just east of Yalata

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