NULLABOR - East side from Border Village to Ceduna South Australia

Published: May 8th 2012
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Whale watching along the NullarborWhale watching along the NullarborWhale watching along the Nullarbor

The turn off to the visitors centre where you could watch for whales if in season, or just look at the scenery of the Great Australian Bight coastline. Access is by a metalled road, a few KM lin length.
ACROSS THE NULLABOR from Border Village to Ceduna South Australia.The better half?

There is a border post between West Australia and South Australia at a place called, not surprisingly, Border Village. These border controls attempt to stop the moving of disease and insects in fruit, etc across state borders. Hefty fines for naughty boys (or girls) if caught. The west to east check is actually carried out just outside of Ceduna, much later.

After crossing the border, we were advised to watch out for camera signs indicating photo opportunities of the Great Australian Bight coastline - they were worth stopping at, as we saw a variety of shorelines of the Bight from cliffs, to sloping banks to giant sand dunes. At one, we saw in the distance what we were told by some other observers to be a group of about 10-20 killer whales swimming along the coast. The attached photo of two was shot from a great distance so is a bit blurred, but if there are any experts out there, it would be nice to have it confirmed that they were probably killer whales. It was fantastic to watch them in real
The Bunda Cliffs on the BightThe Bunda Cliffs on the BightThe Bunda Cliffs on the Bight

Stretching for 500 miles, what would the early explorers do to access the mainland?
life, even at a distance, slowly and effortlessly rising out of the water periodically, presumably to breath. Further along the coast we stopped at the whale watching platforms at the northernmost point of the bight. There was a $5 per adult charge to access the platform, even though the large whales were not due to be present until June. Scenery made the platform viewing worth it.

The Nullarbor was at its barest (vegetation) at this point and for the next 100km. Traffic was light, usually no more than one car per minute and often much less. Road views/pitures were much the same as the west side of the Nullarbor and are not repeated here.

We pushed on until we reached Ceduna, where we went through the border check. We declared our Sultana Bran to the inspector, but the dried fruit in this was not a problem. Better safe than sorry. Filling up at Ceduna was done at main town petrol prices, about $1.50 per litre. The campsites here seemed full, in spite of the time of year, and
Bunda Cliffs NoticeBunda Cliffs NoticeBunda Cliffs Notice

The cliffs stretched to the right of the whale watching plasform, but to the left were the highest sand dunes I have ever seen, stretching for miles
as we had a bit more daylight, we left the Nullarbor and headed down into the Eyre Peninsula towards Smokey Bay to stop the night.

Overall, I would recommend this trip once, but might want a long break before trying it again.

Next stage of our journey, the Eyre Peninsula:

Additional photos below
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Sand Dunes to the East.Sand Dunes to the East.
Sand Dunes to the East.

Huge sand dunes were visible as far as the eye could see to the east of the Whale Watching Platform
Sand Dunes to the East.2Sand Dunes to the East.2
Sand Dunes to the East.2

Difficult to capture the scale of the dunes. Sadly the visitors centre did not quote the heigt of them.
A sight we did not wish to see.A sight we did not wish to see.
A sight we did not wish to see.

A warning sign at the entrance to the whale viewing platform area. (Australia has 8 of the 10 most poisonous creatures in the world, including snakes)
Great Australian Bight Marine ParkGreat Australian Bight Marine Park
Great Australian Bight Marine Park

It stretches several hundred km.along the coastline and include the whale watching station.
Look Closely - Killer Whales?Look Closely - Killer Whales?
Look Closely - Killer Whales?

From the top of the cliffs I attempted to take a picture of what we were told were a pod of Killer Whales. This picture was 24x zoom. This was actually at a photo point before the Whale watching station.
Killer Whales?Killer Whales?
Killer Whales?

Cropped and magnified version of previous picture. Any experts able to confirm the type of creature please?
Bunda CliffsBunda Cliffs
Bunda Cliffs

Picture of us for our family back home.

8th May 2012

Killer Whales
What a trip you guys have had ... and yesy Orcha (killer) Whales

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