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January 5th 2006
Published: January 6th 2006
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Ripe and readyRipe and readyRipe and ready

During the early evening of January 4th I was able to photograph the full heads of wheat in number 1 paddock.
Since our last visit to Mount Bryan things have certainly become more golden as the crops ripen and become ready for reaping. On Tuesday evening an enormous header appeared and stripped the grain in ‘number 1’ paddock. By about midnight the paddock was finished and the workers retired until tomorrow.

Dan says …

I had a ride in the harvester. Matt was driving. It was like I was a little man helping an evil villain to drive his evil instrument of torture (for wheat). Inside the harvester it was like being in a computer room. There were lots of buttons and levers and computer screens which told the driver how many times the big comb had turned. The small seat that I sat in was a massage seat - I was so relaxed I barely knew I was there. I was day dreaming about being on a tropical island, being massaged by lots of natives and being fed with delicious fruit. The cabin was completely sound-proof so it was easy to day dream.

The wheat made a lot of dust.

The next day we drove in a truck full of wheat to Gladstone. We drove over a drain-like hole and let the wheat out using a screw-like elevator (an auger) the grain was carried up to the top of the bunker.

Joke time …

Knock! Knock!
Who’s there?
Thank who?
Thank you!

Additional photos below
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Bins arriveBins arrive
Bins arrive

These bins chase the harvester.
Dan's ride in the harvesterDan's ride in the harvester
Dan's ride in the harvester

As the sun set the enormous harvester arrived and Dan went for the ride of his life.
The paddock set upThe paddock set up
The paddock set up

Just waiting for the fire truck ...
Working into the nightWorking into the night
Working into the night

A hot dry night so the harvester continues to work while the moisture content remains low in the grain. That is Peter trying to get Dan out of the harvester and into bed.
Mt BryanMt Bryan
Mt Bryan

Number 1 paddock empty in about 4 hours.

31st January 2006


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