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October 6th 2005
Published: October 18th 2005
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Dan in the pensDan in the pensDan in the pens

Dan enjoyed mixing it with the sheep as they waited their turn for shearing
We started our Spring holiday with a few days at Mount Bryan. As you can see it was shearing time again and this year's lambs were in for their first 'short back and sides'.

The sheep were trucked in from 'Ebberhards', and the lambs separated from their mums for shearing. Tom shore, Debbie was classing, Sam and Dan were helping out. Jim was working the sheep. Peter did pressing (using a press to pack the wool into bales) and even shore a few.

Dan says ...

Boy you need to be tough to work in the shearing shed!

My job was brushing the sheep to get out any muck before shearing. I had to sit on the sheep to stop it from moving. When I had finished brushing I shouted out "Next!". That is when Dad or Uncle Tom would grab the sheep for shearing.

Shearing is one of the hardest physical jobs on Earth - and you need to be strong to brush sheep too!

After the sheep are shorn they are put down a hole and into the paddock.

I am not sure if I want to be a shearer, or a scientist who works on better ways of shearing sheep so that the sheep don't get hurt.

Joke for today -

Q: What did the chedder say to the swiss?
A: Who cut the cheese?

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Sheep waiting to be shornSheep waiting to be shorn
Sheep waiting to be shorn

The 'victims' were this year's lambs - which had grown up pretty quickly if you ask me - it was their first shear and their first time away from their Mums.
The shearing shedThe shearing shed
The shearing shed

You can see the table where the fleece is thrown and separated into the different types of wool.
Dan, Sam and PeterDan, Sam and Peter
Dan, Sam and Peter

Yes that is Peter shearing!
Further evidence ...Further evidence ...
Further evidence ...

...that Peter has not lost his shearing skills
Google Earth againGoogle Earth again
Google Earth again

It is a bit scary that we can get this close with Google Earth - you can even see individual trees!

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