Blogs from Chambers Gorge, Mount Chambers, South Australia, Australia, Oceania


Monday 24/06/2013 Chambers Gorge (South Australia) Waking up to a gorgeous morning at our bush camp at Mount Chambers Gorge, the sun was coming through and we had both slept really well and over stayed in bed for that matter. Caroline was complaining of a lumpy throat which is usually a prelude to a cold in her case and was badgering me to get my lazy arse out of bed and get the kettle on, but because I was so lovely and snug I kept putting her off. She had peeled back the curtain from her side of the bed so she could look out on the day, a few minutes later, I had realised she had nodded back off to sleep as there was a very low frequency noise. Now, Kangaroojack has always had some ... read more
Wet Inside
Wet inside
Drying our bedding

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