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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Leigh Creek November 22nd 2016

Tuesday 22 November 2016 Our night at Coward Springs brought heavy cloud cover, but a clear blue sky cooler morning. What a difference to the 34+ degree day before! We left about 9.00pm and headed further south along the Oodnadatta Track. Again, it was a fantastic dirt road. First we also visited the Wabma Kadarbu Mound Springs Park and what is known as ‘The Bubbler”. The water IS bubbling up and had green vegetation surrounding it. The water wasn’t hot surprisingly. We also visited Blanche Cup Springs which was smaller than the Bubbler. We saw many ruins along the way, most of which had something to do with the Old Ghan before it ceased running in 1980. We road in the Old Ghan (with our car) when we were ... read more
152.1 Coward Springs (26)
150 Oodnadatta Track north of Coward Springs - turnoff to Edward Springs
150 Oodnadatta Track north of Coward Springs (15)

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Leigh Creek August 13th 2016

Thursday 11th August 2016 We departed from the Pound area at about 9.30am and drove south to the town of Hawker. Here we refueled and looked around the little town before setting off north again and getting to Parachilna at about midday. Some of the group couldn’t resist buying quondong pie dessert from the hotel, the rest of us waiting whilst a call was made to our next exploration site. This was at Nilpena homestead, about 20kms further north. Fossils were found on this property in 1946. This area had been a seabed about 550 million years ago and the fossils found were of soft-bodied creatures, the first found in the Southern Hemisphere. “The fossils preserved in the ancient sea-floor at Ediacara record the first known multicellular animal life on Earth that predates the Cambrian. This ... read more
Ediacaran Fossil - Dickinsonia Costata
At the end of our tour - highest spot
View from a window at Farina

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Leigh Creek June 30th 2013

Last night I said that sometimes decisions are made for us and today was probably one of those days. Although we knew we wanted to head to Leigh Creek to stock up on provisions, I was thinking to myself that staying another day might be nice and we could pootle down toward Leigh Creek tomorrow and overnight camp somewhere along the way in the Gammon Ranges. It was about 7.30am when Andy told me he had a pain just below his ribcage and he had been awake since 5am. I was concerned as this is where the pain started for me 4 days before I ended up having emergency surgery for acute appendicitis. We went through the possibilities of what it could be, even thinking that perhaps it was a chill from the night before when ... read more
Leigh Creek
The Coal Fields in detail
Reception at Arkaroola

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Leigh Creek April 24th 2013

Week 1 Hi All, Well a week has passed and it seem there is just too much to tell, each day has been fulled to the brim and yet we are all relaxed and definately into holiday mode. Our first stop was Nyngan to get west quickly. The next two nights were bush camping at Gundabooka Nat Park just south of Bourke. We did have a few interesting moments when we first hit the dirt, when Julie and Craig's roof rack broke but the outback engineers fixed that in no time but were soon put back into action dismantling a locked gate that was threatening to bar our way. Two nights of bush camping thrust us into serious camping mode with fires, camp stoves and baby wipe washes. We did a visit to Bourke to check ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Leigh Creek May 7th 2011

John's work has come to an end so it is time to head off on our travels again. We decided to see the Flinders Ranges so we decdied to start at Leigh Creek. - The caravan park was good and cheap $20pn - Leigh Creek is a coal mining town - the town being built for the workers after the town was moved so they could mine coal and is very neat and tidy - I guess it is a closed town - (no job no home!!!). We left the caravan at the caravan park and head to Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary- as we were not sure what to expect we packed a overnight bag just in case. The drive to Arkaroola was 133klms of gravel so we had a few river crossings on the way. To ... read more
Arrona Dam IMG 6499
Arrona Dam IMG 6487
Stunning scenery on road to ArkaroolaIMG 6504

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