Day 22 Morgan to Renmark

Published: June 10th 2013
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IMG_0890 What a surpriseIMG_0890 What a surpriseIMG_0890 What a surprise

to wake up and find the Murray River right beside our van.
What a wonderful surprise to wake up a few metres from the banks of the Murray River. There is also a punt nearby taking cars across the river. This is a beautiful location.

We continued on our journey along the Murray River, we took the punt to the other side of the river and drove on through Kingston On Murray. We had a lovely barbeque lunch, in a park, just passed the Banrock Station Winery. After a relaxing lunch we drove on through Berri. There were stalls with lots of fresh oranges, mandarins and butternut pumpkins. I would have purchased some of this lovely produce but we would have had to throw most of it away as we have crossed quite a few 'fruit fly' quarantine zones and you cannot take any fruit and veges into the zones.

We drove as far as Renmark and booked in to the Riverbend Caravan Park. It is lovely here. We set up the van, did some washing and went for a walk across a lovely old bridge and into a parkland on the other side.

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106 Waiting for the punt106 Waiting for the punt
106 Waiting for the punt

to cross the river
118 Steve cooking the barbeque118 Steve cooking the barbeque
118 Steve cooking the barbeque

eat your heart out "Hewie" :)

10th June 2013

lovely barbeque
looks lovely there...
11th June 2013

considering that its winter
there's quite a lot of people about - at least vans parked up, not seen that many actual people.

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