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After our 457 visa recipient cooks an enormous breakfast spread and makes us a couple of cappuccinos we head down the Oodnadatta Track. We have a big day of driving so we don’t stop a lot just for fuel and the 3rdworst coffees so far at Marla. I may have to add Irish backpackers to the Asian barista rule. I have to show the guys Leigh Creek which is like one of those towns they build to test nuclear bombs. I think it was actually built to service the coal mine which the Government subsequently closed down. The SA Government tried to sell the town but couldn’t. We have a great run down to the turn off to the Flinders Ranges National Park. Luckily all the vanners seem to be headed South. In the late afternoon ... read more
Flinders Ranges
Me in my black rights

We woke to another perfect day in the Flinders Ranges. It was freezing until the sun peaked over the hill and then it was glorious. We walked the Bunyeroo Gorge which is an interesting geological trail showing the different rock strata through the gorge. Some of the trails in the NP are great although possibly not well advised as we were going through water and some reasonably heavy duty rocks which were fine for us. We let a lady pass in a small white SUV and she looked quite ashen. After the gorge we headed to Wilpena Pound to check out the facilities. And what a tragedy it is. I’ve always struggled with caravan parks after Jac O’Connor told me you have to wear thongs in the showers so you don’t get tinea. One couple were ... read more
The road
The emu

We left Broken Hill via the Barrier Highway which is the main road through to Adelaide, after 200k we reached Yunta, which is really the start of the adventure. We stopped to fill up at the 7-11 and the Indian guy behind the counter wanted to know if I’d like two mineral waters for $4. This reminded me of one of the greatest injustices we came across on the way. There were road works on the Barrier Highway and a stop/go man (funnily enough not a female Irish backpacker). There were a few vehicles and a caravan in front. He gave us the go sign and we trundled along through the roadworks. As we came past the heavy machinery there was a police car parked on the other side. This is 100ks from anywhere. Were they ... read more
Map Day 4

Hi everyone, We were up early again for breakfast packing up the bedding and had the first tour on the opal mines in the morning, due to the long drive we had ahead of us!! We drove around Coober Pedy for about 30 minutes (it's very small) Sam the tour guide pointed out the underground church, which we had a look in. Also shown us the different film sets they have used for various movies and we also had a go at "noodling" for opals. We then had an opal tour including a video showing how opal was created millions of years ago, the types and how it is now mined across Australia. We went in an old, and the first mine in Coober Pedy, then we then looked at the opal show room stock. By ... read more

Waking up in Clare to a fairly damp morning, despite having lots of suggestions from friends on where we should visit while in Clare, it was only an overnighter to see us on our way toward the Flinders Ranges (South Australia). The rain decided to pour for a while on our Journey, but I checked the radar and it showed that there was no rain where we were heading at Hawker, hmmm. Driving through the rain toward Jamestown and listening to The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony, this brings back so many memories for me, especially when I was contracting in London and would drive back to Southampton on a Thursday night, put the roof down and drive along the open road back down the A316 and M3. Ok maybe not quite the open road, as my memory ... read more
Lunch Stop,
Old Wilpena Station
The Flinders Ranges

18/7: Wilpena Pound and Arkaroo Rock, Flinders Ranges It was freezing last nite - well damn near, a low of 1C at 5am! Hard getting out of that cosy sleeping bag this morning. However, the sound of the kangaroos raiding our garbage and generally picking through our belongings was enough to make us think about getting up. The wildlife in general is over-friendly and one turn of the back and you're bound to lose food to some cheeky feathered friends. The whole day has been on the cool side - so nothing better than a couple of walks to keep the blood flowing. Hiked up to Wangara lookout to see the views inside Wilpena Pound. Then an afternoon hike to Arkaroo Rock to see the aboriginal rock paintings depicting the creation of Wilpena Pound. All in ... read more
Wilpena pound
Wilpena Pound
Photo 4

After a busy day of admin in Adelaide (i.e. writing our blogs for our avid readers and washing!) we had an early morning pick up for our next tour which will be taking us across to Perth. We met our new tour group as we headed North back through the Clare Valley to the town of Clare where we stopped to get some coffee's and snacks for the journey, then it was on to Wilmington where we stopped in a park for an early lunch break. In the afternoon we drove on to Warren Gorge where we stopped at Dutchmans stern to complete a 8km walk to the top of the mountain. We soon learned there were a few varying walking abilities amongst the group as the journey to the top took ... read more
The Tour Group on the hike
Yellow footed rock wallaby
Camp Fire

On arrive progressivement dans la montagne, c’est beau, des collines pelées avec en fond ces montagnes rouge brun. On voit des émeus sauvages de partout, on est tout content mais impossible de les photographier, dès qu’on arrête la voiture ils s’enfuient. Des ruines de la belle époque des Flinders Ranges se trouvent tout le long de la route, un long chemin de fer désaffecté, ça nous fait penser aux films de western. On voit aussi des kangourous, ah enfin ils sont bien vivants et non écrasés sur la route ! On aura a même la joie de voir des wallabies, petit marsupiaux qui ressemblent à des kangourous mais beaucoup plus petits et avec de grands oreilles. Une femelle a même un petit joey dans la poche qui semble nous sourire J. Arrivés à l’entrée du parc ... read more
Un nouveau panneau
Panneau chevaux sauvages

After driving around 2500 kms from Esperance we were finally at the Flinders Ranges. I think we both thought 'this is the real Australia!' even though it was a very touristy and popular destination. Paul had seen a lot of Australia already before meeting me but this was new to him too. When we got there it was mid afternoon and raining so we thought we'd explore in the morning. We found out that a bit of Wolf Creek had been filmed at the van park we were staying out, and Paul had the DVD, so what did we do? Yeah we decided to watch Wolf Creek in a tent in the dark, in the middle of no where! I must say it wasn't as scary as it's made out to be. Still worth a watch ... read more
aboriginal paintings
DSCN1438 (800x600)
this is what i had to cross!

Bénéficiant d’un peu de « temps bonus » après notre programme de base, nous avons décidé de nous lancer une dernière fois sur les routes de la fameuse « Aussie », tellement plaisantes pour conduire, et avons ainsi décidé de faire notre dernière escapade plus au nord d’Adelaïde. En effet, après cette étape, l’aventure australienne va prendre fin. Nous allons petit à petit revenir sur nos pas (Adelaide puis Sydney) pour repartir depuis Sydney le mardi 7 juin. Nous partons donc pour 2 destinations différentes : les Flinders Ranges, chaîne de montagne emblématique de l’Australie du sud et Broken Hill, ville de l’outback en Nouvelles Galles du sud. Le point commun des deux lieux : l’outback ! Ayant été profondément marqué par notre passage dans les terres centrales de l’Australie, dans le pur outback, nous avons ... read more
Wilpena Pound : l'homme devant la nature
Flinders Ranges National Park, faune dense
Ruines de l'outback

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