Unlocking the Lock (a visit to a town called Lock)

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April 15th 2013
Published: April 15th 2013
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Thursday night got a tad windy, as we have described previously, the wind in this state can be quite fierce. During the night Gail heard a thud and went to the front of the tent and saw Henry laying on his right side, looking decidedly unmcomfortable. It took both of us to get him up and move him so that his front wheel faced into the wind. An inspection during daylight hours showed it was more pride and no actual damage.

Friday night was snitzel night at the local pub, with happy hour from 6-7pm. We met up with our camp neighbours for a great time.

Sunday morning started overcast and cloudy, but by mid morning was sunny and warm. We decided to go exploring. First port of call was the local roadhouse to refuel. As we were riding into the driveway a "fool" in a white commodore decided to reverse out of the parking lot. Obviously his idea was, no one's around, so I'll just reverse out. In the process almost wiping Gail off her bike. We both jumped off our bikes and ran over to 'chat' to the moron. His first comment was, "I didn't hit the bike" followed by "I didn't see the bike" He then drove off, without even apologising, but with an imprint of Gails boot on his rear pax panel and another imprint of Eoin's first on his boot lid. A little momento of the NSW vs SA incident.

With both bikes fuelled and Gails nerves somewhat calmed we headed up the Birdseye Highway to the metropolis of Lock. The map shows it having 4 eateries,hotel,bowling club etc. The reality was, we thought they had locked the gates. (Eoin's humour) The bowling green was well attended as was the footie field, the rest of the town was deserted. We found the general store/deli/servo open and quenched our thirst with an iced coffee. Seeing there was no coffee machine or any noticeable milkshake maker. The guy serving had obviously just returned from unsuccessfully completing customer service 101, but did ask if we wanted sauce with our not so fresh looking sausage roll. (living dangerously)

We also went through Polda and Bramfield, not that we noticed, but the map said we did. A great road, scenery and enjoyable ride.


15th April 2013

A cupmofbtea a hex and a good lie down.
You two are starting to sound like real angry bikers. Sounds like the poor little moron didn't know what him him (or who). I know what you mean about the little towns on maps that you think you've missed. It was explained to be by a wise old cartographer that many maps show localities and people mistake them for towns. Having said that you would think you would even notice a sign for a locality if one were there. It sound like the wind is playing merry hell with the bike. But maybe Henry just went over to show solidarity for Heidi's earlier feint. Good that there is no damage. We are on day four of our trip to Maryborough and it's been a calamity so far. All the rest are already there. Unfortunately we are still in Burleigh Heads about four hours south waiting for a very expensive battery to be fitted to the caravan so that we can free camp while away for three odd months. Oh we'll these things are sent to try you. How long have you guys got to go and where to next?

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