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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Dalhousie June 3rd 2018

We headed from Chambers Pillar to Finke. There were still a number of motorcyclists testing out the route of the Finke Desert Race and a number of teams had set up with containers with all their gear. Wilko made a revelation which has had a dramatic effect on our trip. Apparently he actually doesn’t like driving and in fact it stresses him. He only says “Do you want me to drive?” as a favour. I have completely misunderstood this thinking he wanted to drive. Why else would anyone ask if you wanted them to drive first thing in the morning. Anyway we arrived at Finke which is a very nice and tidy aboriginal community. We stopped at the store and the guy outside said the shop was re-opening in a second and he was just waiting ... read more
Dalhousie Springs
Where the wild dingoes roam

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Dalhousie June 3rd 2018

It is the third day of my compulsory rural component of my 457 visa requirement. We are required to work hard and help Chris Whittle esq with his overland adventure. After rising early and enjoying a morning swim in the steaming warm springs we make breakfast and packed up camp including the tent and Mr Whittle’s bedding, he has organised the expedition to the finest detail and is meticulous in the packing of the transport. Before departing tent pegs are licked clean, tent poles polished, wheel nuts are tightened with in an inch of their lives due to a previous unfortunate event which was of course no fault of the meticulous Mr Whittle. We make sure Mr Whittle is comfortable in the passenger seat and I drive the onerous and precarious drive to the town of ... read more
Making coffee for Mr Whittle
Me in my black tights

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Dalhousie July 30th 2013

Tuesday 30 July I woke early when I heard sounds of something rummaging in our gear behind the swag, I saw a dingo, I think my stirring must have disturbed him as he moved away quickly and I saw him drop a plastic jug that he was carrying. Because we have no plastic tubs left (destroyed on the Simpson crossing), we left a few things on the ground last night, we were not too bothered because dingo's are really only interested in food and leather shoes. When we are reunited with Gypsy we will have a sort out of our gear again, it might be time to dispose of some old and worn items. I think it was about 6am when Andy started talking to me, I soon put paid to that and went back to ... read more
The Round Trip
Old Andado
Old Andado

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Dalhousie July 23rd 2013

Moonlight Bubbles Waking up at Dalhousie, I peeled back my curtain to watch the sunrise over the scrub, it was a cool morning but it felt quite easy to get up. We had spent some time considering our next move, do we do the Simpson Desert or don't we? This is an opportunity that unexpectedly presented itself and perhaps it is one that we needed to take full advantage of, after all we are virtually sat on the edge of the desert and it would be a shame not to do it while we are so close. Knowing that we would be on our own, this was a big factor for us, but equally we know that there is a fair amount of traffic on this route at the moment and if we had any problems ... read more
On our way to Dalhousie
Dalhousie Ruin
Dalhousie Homestead Ruin

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Dalhousie July 21st 2013

Arkaringa - Oodnadatta - North Creek - Oodnadatta - Dalhousie It was a little bit disappointing to wake up this morning at Arkaringa and realise that it was still very windy, it is getting a bit tiresome now and would very much like to get out of it. We had already decided to move on, but we know that wherever we go today, we are unlikely to lose this wind. It was just before 10am when we left Arkaringa, we saw Wei on the way out, but there was no sign of Lauren, well it is Sunday and I guess she is taking the opportunity for a lie in, I don't blame her. Today our drive takes us through the Painted Desert and toward Oodnadatta, I believe that the next 50k's of track takes us through ... read more
Brekki Sign
The Poetry Box
Sign Board

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Dalhousie August 21st 2011

Coward Springs(CS) via William Creek(WC), Algebuckina Bridge(AB) ,Oodnadatta(O), Hamilton mud flats(HMF) to Dalhousie Hot Springs.(DHS)- (1798 km to 2238 km ) - Note long day of driving on Oodnadatta track and rougher tracks to Dalhousie. CADES DIARY. Oodnadatta Track. Driving from 0930 am to 6 pm .Our Destination : Dalhousie Springs, a ~38 oC lake.... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Dalhousie August 21st 2011

Dalhousie Hot Springs rest day - swimming and relaxing .(2238 km to 2238 km)... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Dalhousie June 17th 2008

Arrived at the “Pink Roadhouse”, Oodnadatta for lunch. Had a bite to eat and followed their instructions as to tyre pressure for the road to Dalhousie (even rougher than the Oodnadatta Track). 20km out from Oodnadatta we had a strange sound to pull over and find the rear windscreen with a small hole and the rest of it shattering. While Rod was cleaning up I got to pull out the trusty Sat Phone and called Mum to get it touch with our local Toyota dealer and to arrange for a replacement to be sent to Alice Springs. Well thank you very much Frankston Toyota for arranging all of this - and for ringing us back to save us the phone bill. I dread to think what the boss will think when he gets the bill! After ... read more
Tarp on Window
Gill on Sat Phone
Dalhousie Springs

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Dalhousie April 21st 2006

We went through the famous dog fence which is a very long fence indeed. 9700km, keeping out all the Dingos from the sheep land. We were now aiming for our little oasis in the desert...Dalhousie Springs. Scott our tour guide told us that the spring wasn't very big, but he lied...for the good that is, as it was a great suprise to see this massive hot spring where we were camping. I couldn't believe how warm the water was, it got too hot for everyone in fact! The only down side to this beautiful place was the mosquitos...I used my 50% DEET spray but still got lots of bites, especially on my feet...... read more
Dog Fence...
The Painted Desert...
The young ones...

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