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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coffin Bay September 10th 2021

We got married back in the day … the number is pretty big… and yet it doesn’t seem that long ago. We’ve had an awesome time together. We find the silver lining in every situation. We have always loved and supported each other. We are the best of friends. We are ‘romance tragics’. We don’t need fancy gifts and splashy resort holidays to celebrate our years together. We just love to spend a fun day together … perhaps like any other day in our life … doing things we love to do. If you’re gagging already, perhaps you should skip the rest of this blog. It was not Sunday, but we did start the day with a smoked salmon, asparagus and citrus omelette. Beautifully prepared and served by Greg with a glass of orange and bubbles. ... read more
Bubbles, smoked salmon and asparagus omelette. Way to go!
Let him loose on the oysters
Off we go.

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coffin Bay September 9th 2021

Destination Coffin Bay. This was the perfect location to relax for a few days and to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Coffin Bay is a short 30min drive from Port Lincoln. If driving straight here after checking out of the CP in Port Lincoln, you can be set up and out enjoying the delight this town has to offer by lunchtime on the same day. The small rural town of Coffin Bay is located on the picturesque and calm waters of Coffin Bay. It is surrounded by the Coffin Bay National Park. Beyond the bay are the wild, energetic beaches facing the Southern Ocean. A thriving oyster farming industry is located in the bay offering a variety of industry immersion tours and sales of fresh oysters straight from the sea. Many culinary delights abound locally, mostly featuring ... read more
Un perturbed by us, this family of emus just continue to do their thing.
A happy chappy.
An equally happy Joan.

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coffin Bay September 3rd 2020

I’m far from the only person to have travel plans wrecked in 2020. This year I finally got long service leave after 10 years in my job and I had plans for 4 different trips away. The first 2 were scuttled almost immediately once the pandemic hit and #4 is still in doubt. But the third trip was 5 weeks in the South Australian outback, and I was determined to make it happen. In July, South Australia almost opened the border with NSW but as they had no cases and Sydney had a small but persistent number of daily cases, that didn’t happen. I was left with two choices – cancel another holiday or cross the border and do 14 days of quarantine. As I’ve been working remotely for months, I figured I could do two ... read more
Golden Island
Seven Mile Beach
Tyres down, ready to hit the tracks

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coffin Bay April 29th 2018

Howdy once again. Lets see first stop was Whyalla for lunch at a rest stop. Then straight after we arrived into town with the main industry with a major fire in one of their factories. Local emergency crews soon had it contained. We moved on after looking around the township. Next town was Cowell where we did some laundry and a spot of fishing off the pier. Then found a shop that sells Jade to get directions to the source. He was happy to direct us as apparently there is still plenty of low grade material still around. I'd like to think that I found some second rate Jade, aspretty well all the quality material has been picked clean long ago. I went back to the Jade seller and he confirmed that I had found Jade. ... read more
Silos at Tumby Bay
 Port Lincoln Marina
Port Lincoln Marina

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coffin Bay September 28th 2016

The day started well with a good sleep for me and Suz for the first time this trip. Our kids said we were snoring in unison and kept them awake. Hahahahaha. Serves them right for the sleepless nights we have had worrying about them. We went for a walk through the scrub and learned about the Red Gums and local water life. I was always taught to look for a tree line if you needed water as there is normally a creek nearby but the info on this walk also said that it is more so the water table underneath that will keep the trees above flourishing through years of drought when there has been no flowing creek for years. Might need to have a whopping great big drill with me if I am to save ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coffin Bay September 27th 2016

Tuesday 27 September – Coffin Bay Continuing down the coast and sometimes inland, we arrived at Coffin Bay at lunch time. We stopped at the VIC but attached to that was a food outlet selling oysters. Coffin Bay is known for its oysters. Doug and I had ½ doz shucked oysters natural and Tom had Kilpatrick. They were fresh, plump and soooo yummy!!! We also had a fresh, flaky pastry pasty with Doug and Leura having fish and chips. It was so good, we came back the next day to have some more….oysters that is! We decided to book into the caravan park and get up ‘early’ the next morning to visit the adjoining National Park. We went in Doug and Leura’s car leaving he vans in a cleared area of the park. The roads were ... read more
41 Coffin Bay - emu wandering the streets of the town (1)
41 Coffin Bay - Ganyah Beach (50)
41 Coffin Bay - Almonta beach (4)

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coffin Bay November 2nd 2014

Hi travel Followers. Here is the latest on our Australian travel adventures. We now find ourselves set up at Port Lincoln, South Australia on the bottom of the Eyre Peninsular. After leaving Ceduna we stopped off for a night or two at each of Streaky Bay, Venus Bay, Elliston, Coffin Bay and now Port Lincoln. All of these little towns have caravan parks with excellent bay views, but because of this they can be a bit breezy when the wind comes up. Streaky Bay and Venus Bay were our favourites simply because of the coastal walks, drives and views of the Great Australian Bight and cliffs etc. Lyn particularly liked Venus Bay because she came across a friendly Sea Lion on the Jetty and she caught a pretty good sized Flathead off the Jetty which I ... read more
Cliff top walk at Venus Bay
Streaky Bay sunrise
The Great Australian Bight

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coffin Bay May 8th 2012

We’ve spent this week on the Eyre Peninsula. This is 200km west of Adelaide, a large triangular south-facing peninsula with lots of sheep and wheat production. Whyalla is South Australia’s 2nd largest city due mostly to the steel mill there, backed up by more iron ore exports. We went on a tour of the steel mill, but, unfortunately, were not able to see a steel pour. They convert coal to coke as well for the steel making process and we saw a red hot coke pour which was really impressive. The site and the volumes handled are immense. Weather wasn’t the best with wind and rain, but the campground was superb. We then headed south to Port Lincoln, at the tip of the peninsula. On the way passed through Cowell which we’ll have to come back ... read more
Wild coast

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coffin Bay March 23rd 2012

Fri 23 Mar - Coffin Bay - Booked into Coffin Bay CP ($28pn) for a night as the weather was still not that flash and again Barry and Paulette booked a site for us near them - it was great to catch up with them again. The couple we had met at Dundedoo - Tom and Rosemary - also booked into the same park and just happened to be on the site in between us both. Barry & Paulette were our tour guides and took us for a lovely drive into Coffin Bay National Park. The views over the ocean were just amazing - I had trouble choosing just a few to add to the blog. (well maybe more than a few).... read more
Check out the Emu's IMG 8444
Spectacular Cliffs IMG 8438
Check out the Sand Dunes IMG 8446

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coffin Bay March 23rd 2011

On Monday 21st we only had a journey of about 100 kms but we were still on the road by 9.30. It had stayed dry overnight which meant it was much easier to pack dry awnings etc away. The road was quite quiet apart from some other caravans. Lately on our journeys we have been listening to the CD version of Julie Walter’s autobiography called ‘That’s Another Story’. It was a Christmas present but we had been saving it for some of our longer journeys. However, once we started listening we were hooked as it’s very funny. So the time whizzed by as Julie entertained us with her hilarious exploits. We were heading to Coffin Bay – perhaps a somewhat macabre name for a village and National Park? Actually, it was named by explorer Matthew Flinders ... read more
Waiting for their supper?
Evening in Coffin Bay
At Templetonia Lookout

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