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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Ceduna February 8th 2017

It has been a few months, since I last travelled this great continent we call Australia. So, on the 3rd of February 2017, I made plans to pack up my swag and head to the West coast of South Australia. The town, where I was staying at is a place called Ceduna, about 450KM car drive from my hometown of Whyalla. Whyalla is on the eastern side of the Eyre peninsula, while Ceduna is on the western side, meaning I crossed a number of towns along the way. These towns being, Iron knob, Kimba, Wudinna, Minnipa and Poochera. As I drove through the heart of the Eyre peninsula with the music cranked up, I surveyed the dry barren landscape and farmland, a definite reminder that we are in the middle of summer. I stopped for a ... read more
Shelly beach- Ceduna
Port Thevenard silos, near Ceduna
Streaky bay Jetty

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Ceduna October 20th 2016

We got away from Border Village a little after 9am as the crew were telling us that the runners would take quite a while and we had 500km odd to travel to Ceduna. We had a quick stop off at a few of the lookouts over the Great Australian Bight that we missed on our first pass and ended up in windy, rainy, cold Ceduna around 5pm. The fella at the quarantine checkpoint was hilarious. I would love to tell the whole story but would hate to think I'd get him in trouble. Needless to say,I obviously have a very trustworthy face considering the scores of signs we had seen about quarantine on the way in! Legend! A quiet night. In bed by 8.30pm I reckon. What a blouse! Although we did get fish and chips ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Ceduna September 22nd 2015

It was blowing a gale again the morning I left Venus Bay. Too windy to stay; too windy to drive. However, drive I did. Heading north up the west coast of the Eyre Peninsular, straight into the wind. Lovely! But good old Sally was very happy to chug along at 80 kms per hour and we had the road to ourselves heading in our direction, so all was well. On top of the wind however there was the heat to cope with as the mercury soared into the 30s. I promised myself that if it was too terrible, I would stop in Streaky Bay. But it was just as windy there and there are few free camp sites anywhere there, so after filling with water and fuel and grabbing some juice and fly spray from the ... read more
Venus Bay Sunset sky
Venus Bay Sunset jetty
Penong man

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Ceduna April 16th 2015

From Streaky Bay stopped at Ceduna for lunch then made camp about 200 ks West of Ceduna. Rained all the way and all night! Did about 350ks. Th n the the next day another 350ks to a camping stop 10 ks short of the border. Next day through wa quarantine and aimed for another 350ks, but decided to shoot right through to Norseman, 750 k day! Not surprising the trip was pretty uneventful as the Nullarbor is pretty long and boring! The girls were great and travelled so well and we were keen for a couple of days break in Norseman, Kellis home town! ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Ceduna October 26th 2014

Hi travel followers. We figured it was time for another update on our travels as we have covered quite a bit of territory since the last blog. I.e. From Esperance we headed for Norseman where we left the van for a day or so while we headed up to Kalgoorlie to check out the local sights and do a tour of the gold mines "Super Pit". I must say it was well worth the trip and a real eye opener getting up close and personal with some of the enormous mining equipment they use in the pit etc. We were lucky enough to be at the mine on the time and day they did a "blast" and what a sight that was also. See photos. This is a must do destination for anyone travelling Australia or ... read more
Watch out for the wild life on the Nullarbor
At the Head of the Bight.
The start of the 90 mile straight.

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Ceduna October 23rd 2014

We have stopped for a night or two in Ceduna several times, and always struggled to come up with interesting photos and stories. We were lucky on our first visit to meet several aboriginal artists at a training forum. But when a town has no dominant land marks, interesting rock formations etc, its hard to tell a story. Although coastal, the wind patterns here tend to carry dark cloud out to sea leaving little opportunity for sunset photography. I think we struck it a little lucky this year, even though that dark cloud was on the horizon. Closer there were small breaks in the cloud allowing the sun to paint golden water in the low tide channels of the foreshore. This is also harvest time for wheat and oats with Ceduna a major rail and shipping ... read more
Bunda Cliffs
Lunch from Ceduna Bakery

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Ceduna October 1st 2014

I'd always wanted to visit this small but important historic town in South Australia, but it wasn't until recently that I got the chance. Some friends of mine worked at a nearby mine, and I later visited there, but first I wanted to get a chance to properly explore the lovely town of Cedona .Car HireI was quite pleased as the car hire process at the airport was painless and fast. I simpl... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Ceduna August 17th 2014

Fowlers Bay to Ceduna Leaving Fowlers was a bit like leaving ‘old friends’ and Trish and I both made the comment that this was not the last time we would come here. Although we now had the Whales, and the purpose of this trip behind us, before we get home to Echuca we still have a lot more to see and do. Heading back to the Eyre Highway we only had 60 odd Klm to go before we reached Penong. Penong is a small community about 80 klm west of Ceduna and scattered around Penong are dozens of windmills that pump water from the Anjutabie Water Basin to all the homes and businesses. This water is supplemented by the use of rain water and water is also carted by truck, when needed, from a reticulated water ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Ceduna July 19th 2014

Desert Ship Territory Log Day 16 It was a pretty cold morning in Clare as it would've been about one degree. I really wanted to see the historic town of Mintaro just out of Clare and to see if I could catch a glimpse of Martindale Hall since we are going to miss opening time. All I got to see was some outbuildings through the bush. After stopping briefly back in Clare I couldn't stop photographing all of the old buildings. Clare is also a wine growing area but the minute you leave the valley it quickly reverts to rolling agricultural plains and we were surprised to see how advanced the already flowering canola crops were. We were approaching the Southern Flinders Ranges area again and the landscape got quite hilly again. If you have a ... read more
Kids With the Big Galah

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Ceduna July 5th 2014

Desert Ship Territory Log Day 2. We started the day with everyone totally confused as to what the correct time was. We changed some clocks and not others. No phone reception so we can't rely on Telstra for the right time either. Anyway it was light outsiđe so that was a good enough excuse for me to get up and let my sleepy slobs slumber. I took in the ambiance of the truck stop with absolute awe. A line of semi trailers all parked up with some drivers sleeping in their cabs (or otherwise-see previous blog) and others quickly running in and emerging with steaming bacon and egg burgers. The diligent Department of Agriculture officials checking each vehicle and truck some 100m away. When it is our turn to go through we tell her we are ... read more
Wildlife Sign on Eyre Hwy in WA
Head of Bight Marine Park, SA
Head of Bight Marine Park

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