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February 1st 2016
Published: March 27th 2016
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Amongst working quite a lot, Nick took me out on his kayak to Sargs Bay. The wind picked up and we took it in turns of sailing the kayak. It had two trampolines either side and I was worried it would flip over when the wind caught underneath it! It was so much fun!! Very heavy to put it back on top of the car though..!
I did a lot of running this first week in February and I noticed I was losing a lot of weight which was brilliant!!
At the weekend I went to the beach, Glenelg again, with Terry, Torrie, Phil, Joel and Garboss.
We played in the sea and played volleyball with the nets.

WINE TOUR - Sunday 7th Feb
We all met at 930am outside the Strathmore Hotel and I was instantly attracted to one of the guys, Healy. But I thought he was with one of the other girls there called Lauren.
Anyway, we all got on the wine tour bus (myself, Tom, Martha, Healy, Craig, shylar, Adam, Elisha and lauren). Our first winery was at Maxwell's where we tried about 14/15 different wines. I skipped breakfast which wasn't the best of ideas so I was fairly tipsy.. Tom somehow made me laugh so much I was crying.. I still don't know to this day what did it but I know it was funny!
The second winery was called Wirra Wirra and here we shared a cheese platter, and tried various different wines and meeds! This is where I built up the courage to ask if Healy was single, and he said yes! He also thought I came with Tom and thought were were a couple.. So I guess there was a high keel of mutual attraction from both of us in that respect.
After the second winery, we stopped off for lunch where I started tucking into Adams meal because all I heard was 'chicken'!! Woops .. We swapped back!
The third winery, Penny's Lane, I was pretty much done with tasting wines so here I only tried three. We all sat outside, patted the dog, lay on the grass outside.
We got back to the city and had a cider, to finish off the day, in the Strathmore Hotel, where Healy and I VS Martha and Lauren at a game of pool... Healy and I won! Dream team!
I went back home and slept so well that night.

I joined the gym the next day as I needed motivation to get fit again, I'd been so busy with seeing people, that it had taken a step back. I joined Anytime Fitness in Gawler which is walking distance from home.

During that week, I went to the gym, worked and taught and covered various lessons, went to the cinema with Chloe from work, we saw The Choice.


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