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March 27th 2016
Published: March 27th 2016
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My lovely couch surfing mum (Gabrielle) picked me up from the airport and took me home and we chatted for a while but as I was so tired and started work the following day, I slept extremely well!
The next morning, I woke up and headed to the Gawler Pool for my induction. I was shown the lifeguard rules, kiosk work, cooking utensils. It was a great day and I learn quickly so I felt comfortable with everything straight away.
The following few days were just full of inductions.
The weekend arrived!! I got my bag ready and I headed to the city to meet up with Tom Maslin for a night out with his work colleagues. I got to his work place and met the girls and guys.. Drank a few beers and headed to the Dog and Duck where Dan was DJ that evening. I mainly spent time with Tom, Martha, Mahalia, Adam and Chris, it was a very good night although myself and the girls kept getting hit on by a group of married guys! Oops, we told them where to go! When we were all danced out (around 3am ish) Tom and I apparently bought a burrito each and ate it.. We don't remember.
I stayed on Tom's spare bed that night and the morning after, Nick and Gabrielle picked me up from Tom's on the way down to Victor Harbor. I felt rough but being near the sea and seaside towns helped so much. My absolute addiction is the beach as everyone already knows!
I learned a lot about the history of the bays we were stood on. Encounter Bay is called that because two boats crossed boats and they 'encountered'.
I was also shown the surf beach, Middleton, it was gorgeous!! We had lunch in a bakery and had a pie each, extremely messy but was so tasty!!

The day after, Sunday, met up with my friend Darian and we took the esky with a couple ciders each in there and sunbathed at Glenelg beach, had a few swims and when I got home, was told a great white was only 2km away from us when we were there! We were almost shark food!!

The following week flew by, I worked and also had a consultation about my back tattoo to get it removed. At $90 each appointment I wasn't going to say no! That evening, Nick, Gabrielle and I had Thai cuisine in a place called Dohans, down Payneham Road.
Tuesday 26th is AUSTRALIA DAY. I got up early and headed to the Gawler breakfast with Gabrielle and Lucy, one of the grand kids. We witnessed a group of people become Australian citizens... If only I could have been up there! Sang the national anthem, it was a wonderful setting in a field surrounded by big trees.
I was then off to work and it was surprisingly busy, people played cricket had BBQ's and had a laugh!

The next day was tattoo removal day... My first ever one. I was fairly nervous. And it really really hurt. They out numbing cream on but honestly, it doesn't really help that much! I think I held my breath for the whole time it was lazering me.
That evening, Terry came over to my house and picked me up, went to Semaphore beach, saw the sunset, played a few games in the sea and on the jetty and then watched a TV programme called 'Archer', then he dropped me home whilst we sang at the top of our lungs badly in the car!

I took up regular teaching hours at the pool so I got up early to work and loved being back in the pool teaching the kids!! That evening i had a supervisor shadow shift as work asked if I'd like to do some cover shifts! After that, I headed to tea tree Gully with Terry, Phil, Torrie, Joel, Bax and Martin for my first ever sushi train. It was amazing!! My first ever proper sushi experience.. Yum!
The day after, Sunday, the same group all met down at Glenelg beach and played with a rugby ball for ages (my arm definitely started to ache) and the Nova boat came in and gave us icey pops and had some photos taken and had a bit of banter with the radio talk hosts.


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