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April 25th 2011
Published: April 25th 2011
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G'day Ladies and Gents

How the devil are ya? Well, I've got to say I'm absolutely cream crackered. What a fantastic few days I've had since arriving and it really has been non stop.

So last thing yesterday I was off to Taronga Zoo...... It did not disappoint! If you ever head to Sydney it's well worth considering.

Arrived at the zoo - obviously I had the most luggage! Everyone else was from Sydney so literally had an overnight bag.. there's me large 20kg holdall, small suitcase and bag! Hilariousl Anyway, i was allocated tent 8, so we put our bags in the trailer and we began walking down to the campsite. Once there I made my way to tent 8.... it was clearly the one the furthest away from where we were AND the furthest away from the toilets!! Does no one know me?! Anyway, we had a welcome drink and nibbles (cheese platters, humous and veg..mmmm) and then we headed out on a Night Walk. This was an opportunity to see the animals in their homes after dark. We saw:
Lions, Tigers, Snow Leopard, Hippo, Zebra, Giraffes, Ostrich, Sun Bears to name a few. Once back they brought out some reptiles; mini python, iguana type things!
Bedtime was at 11pm and I was pooped - Oh and it started to pour with rain once we went to bed. Actually the sound of rain on the tent was really soothing. Problem was I woke up at 4.15 it still pouring and wasn't able to get back to sleep! Oh i forgot to mention the view i had from my tent....all over Sydney Harbour and the Bridge - A-MAZ-ING!

Today might actually be one of the best days of my life! We had to be up by 6.15 - thank goodness i woke up at 4.15 just to be sure!! Quick croissant at 6.30 and then off we went for a wander around the zoo and some behind the scenes experiences. We stopped in on the Lions, and Tigers from last night to say hello. We then visited the Chimps who put on a real good show for us! Showing off swinging from left to right and play fighting. After this.... we went to the giraffe's..... we went in to the giraffe enclosure!!!..... I mean, RIGHT IN THERE! We fed them! YES WE FED THEM!! i actually thought i was going to cry. It was amazing.

We then went off to the education centre where we met a possum, a beautiful Koala called McQuarie and they had a baby Wombat running around! He actually took quite a shine to my bag and decided that he'd quite like to eat the tag off of it! After these encounters we went for our final behind the scenes experience. We went to the Kodiak Bear enclosure and again went straight in there. Luckily Bella (the bear!) was in her Den. Our task here was to scatter food around the enclosure for her to find and also lay games and items for her to rip up around. I was in charge of milk and scattering. Once done, we walked to the front of the exhibit and watched her come out. She's an old bear so was laboured in her moving down the rocks but she soon found the milk i'd put out for her.

Our zoo experience was then over.... 😞 we could spend as much time as we wanted in the zoo. I spent about an hour and a half wandering around and seeing those animals we didn't see, and those that wanted to brave the rain!

A quick cuppa and it was off to the airport. Got on the flight to Adelaide and here I am. It's a public holiday here today as it's not only Easter Monday but also Anzac day. Another holiday tomorrow. Nothing's open here but I've had a wander. So tired now i think i might just have a nap, watch a film tonight and be refreshed ready for my city tour tomorrow and Kangaroo Island on Wednesday.

Hope you've all enjoyed your long weekend.
Here's to a short week 😊

Lots of love


25th April 2011

G'day!! So glad you're having a nice time! Well jel that you got to feed the giraffes tho!!! Keep updating us all-I for one read every entry!! :-) Keep safe-xxx
25th April 2011

Woop dee woop woop!! SOunds like you're having a total blast as we knew you would!!! Wow what experiences Babe... You missed a treat here last night - Adelaide? Pah, Vodka Rev;s was where it was at ha ha! ;0) Miss ya loads. Hope you had some of those yummy Anzac biscuits in celebration of the national day! Lovin' your updates - keep 'em coming!! xxxxx

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