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March 16th 2011
Published: March 21st 2011
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Our plant-keen farm friend Dean kindly reminded me that I HAVE been away from Canada for too long as even though i conferred with Jenna as to the colour of coltsfoot (which is YELLOW, NOT blue) we both were incorrect. The fact that i misrepresented one of my favourite flowers is unsettling but i will get over it. We found out that Alex's son Galen is 2 now and that was a mindblower as we remember him as a quite floppy just-learning-to-walk young toddler. So much has changed and so much more will undoubtedly continue to change.

We are on the safe side of Oz for all who wondered about floods, cyclones and tsunamis. We received a few inquiries as to our proximity to such cataclysms and the answer we are no where near them and only moving further away from their locales. I am sure bad things happen in Tasmania but not so much in the way of giants waves and tropical storms.

We just finished up a stellar weekend that began with a local punk show featuring a funk-hardcore band (yes it IS possible) and we rounded off with a massive electronic music festival that took place in the central park here in Adelaide. These are events at polarised ends of the live-music spectrum but we enjoyed them both. The local show took place at a small bar with cheap beer and friendly patrons- a fine way to get to the heart of a city's character and the evening was relaxed but heaps of fun. the future music festival is a monster one day that was headlined by electronic mega stars the Chemical Brothers. The tickets were 150$ so we snuck into the show using backstage passes for the local fringe festival. The fringe bar club was adjacent to the music festival and we were able to just waltz in completely unbothered by police or security who seemed to not care at all. If we had paid for the event we would have been disappointed but for free it was great. Lots of young trendy locals were treating the afternoon event as a giant rave so people were messed up and puking in the streets and crying and all that but most folks managed to keep themselves in order. It really hit home how behind the times we are with new music as we knew almost none of the bands playing yet thousands of crowded people seemed to know all the words to every song played. It wasn't the best festival by any means but once again.. for free it was a great way to spend a day. Seeing Chemical Brothers was something Jenna and I planned on as they played Toronto a few weeks before we left Canada but we had to opt not to for lack of spare time in getting prepared to ship out. Their show was stupendous but that said we still left 20 minutes before the end to avoid the large and unruly crowd.

So far Adelaide though known for being a snooty and sleepy place has been a blast and as long as we are stuck waiting here for documents we should keep having fun.


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