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July 3rd 2008
Published: July 3rd 2008
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and one more day till the "4th of July".. as there are quite a few americans around here. apparently this is a day to be celebrated. which would be true if one could erase the junior Bush "monkey business" from the history books.

uhm, is anyone actually reading this blog? i have to admit that i am having fun writing it.. kind of "dear diary, today I went to school and..." . I know for a fact that my dad and uncle are checking it out every now and then as they quoted some passages of it ( was very impressed I have to say, A+). i keep questioning peter about what i write just to check if he reads it but I think that he is blagging when he answers, and quickly changes topic afterwards. mind you, i do talk to him daily so he is in the know of what my thoughts are. just to check, peter, if you read this, when you next talk to me if you tell me that "my old cat geremia was black and white and had a scar in her lower lips due to falling from the 3rd floor" I will pay the whole price for the camera lens you wanted for your birthday. and obviously it doesn't count if anyone tells him about this. that would be cheating and then the lord doesn't approve of it. Obviously this offer is valid only till Saturday 5th of July.

Slowly but surely I am settling down. I have now a bank account, a gym membership (trial), a connection to play volleyball locally, a connection to play underwater hockey (literally) and a place to stay.
My new flatmate is eager to get a cat, so that would be heaven for me. cat heaven even. mind you, the house I choose it's a bit rustic and simple and it's a bit far away. but my new flat mate is really friendly and sweet so i think that would make up for the rest of it.
Worse come to the worse I will move out.
I even found an amazing market where they sell fresh fruit and vegetables, all kind of fish and meat and fresh wheat free bread and cakes. yummy!
wow, I wish we had the same thing in London. and that wouldn't cost a fortune. and that would be local.
ok, maybe london is not organised as yet for such cookery finess.

yesterday i heard something interesting in the local news on tv, just before Ugly Betty. It was the weather forecast: " ... and finally a good news: it will be raining on saturday and sunday."
I dont think I need to make any further comments.
I am defently staying "down under". next thing i know, I will see cats with big hats appearing on trees and a rabbit hopping around with a big watch. Does this make me alice? if so, I would like peter to be the queen of hearts. that would be fair and square.

back to the dark bat cave to work.


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