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June 27th 2008
Published: June 27th 2008
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well, it took me a while but finally here i am to update the blog. I have finally managed to arrive in Adelaide and all is well. I haven't been eaten by a croc, bitten by a spider (or a snake for that matter), I have hugged a koala,a kangaroo, a python (or was it a boa?) and touched a number of lizards and furry things.
I have to admit they were all very cute, or interesting for the reptile species.
my internet connection at my present accomodation is really pricey ( like 25 pence a minute PLUS 25 cent per megabyte downloaded (which is pure theft, just trust my words)) so the cairns and the hong kong journals are still on my laptop (along with the pictures), as soon as i can have some quite time at the new home (which I still have to find) with a decent connection i will finally show u the wonderful world of OZ (australia).
the journey to adelaide was pretty uneventful, again. the only exciting flights i did so far were the long haul where you watch tons of movies, peak at the sky up above (or down below as you so high up) and get served food. the only difference this time though was that we crossed the "outback", which is the australian desert. Apart from being flat, yellow/red colored with the odd brown bush, well, not much to see.
Adelaide is pretty nice, clean, tidy and very proper. coming from london it seems to me like a "pleasantville" from the movies. I wonder where they hide the crazy citizens.
on the way back from work to the hotel there is always (since I have been here that is -3 days) a guy who plays the piano in front of a shopping center. he placed his upright piano on a wheel carrier thing and with his hat on the floor, waits for a few coins to appear. Although there is not much to the piano, he plays really well.
One oddity about Adelaide is that no one crosses the streets unless is green light. even if there are no cars in sight. all very pleasantville. obviously, i am a proud italian with a tinge of a londoner and i usually cross with a smart-ass look on my face.
another weird australian thing is that none of the properties seems to have heating. They have air conditioning for the summer but for the winter they are simply not prepared. And I have gathered this from a local australian. maybe they are in denial: it's not cold, it's not cold, it's not cold. I mean, ok, it doesn't get much colder than 5-10 degrees, but still! I would put the heating on!

During lunch break I tried to look for a waterproof jacket around town and no shop had one. then it dawned on me: who would buy a waterproof jacket in a town where it never rains?
Sunny South Australia.

better go back to work now.


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