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January 27th 2007
Published: January 27th 2007
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The 12 ApostlesThe 12 ApostlesThe 12 Apostles

You can see the one that fell just a few years ago too.
Happy Australia Day! (January 26th)

So far if I ever move to Australia I would want to live in South Australia near Adelaide. It is so gorgeous here! The green hills, lots of trees, the beach, it's not too busy.... just right. I may change my mind once we get to the west coast but for now, it's Adelaide all the way.

Oh yeah! That's right, we've changed our plans "slightly"..... based on a conversation with the owner of the hostel in Lorne (a guy who spends 2 months of every year in Canada btw and absolutely loves it and Canadians) we've decided to travel onward and westward. The original plan after Coober Pedy and Uluru was to go to Sydney for several weeks. But now we're driving all the way over to Perth and the west coast - should be amazing!

Last update was when we were in Lorne..... We drove the rest of the Great Ocean Road which was incredible. The only other drive I could possibly compare it to in beauty would be the Going to the Sun Road in Montana - sheer cliffs to one side, however this time there was sparkling blue ocean
London BridgeLondon BridgeLondon Bridge

Really fell down! Stranding 2 people at the end of it.... yikes
beneath you instead of mountain valleys and rivers. Just amazing. On the way we stopped at some of the most beautiful sights we've seen yet too. The Twelve Apostles and the London Bridge (which actually did fall down) - these are rock formations in the ocean that are the result of erosion of the cliffs. Some of the apostles have also fallen down (one just in 1990 I think), and I think there are only 8 of the 12 left. New ones are constantly being created though so there may be more again. You'll just have to see the pictures because there is no way I'm describing this properly. I am not doing it justice!

We stopped for lunch in a small town and then got back into the car to continue our journey.... however..... the key would not turn in the ignition. Huh?! Yup, we could not start our car. The ignition barrel was completely messed up. So we called the only mechanic in town who was nice enough to come over and assess the situation. He said the only thing to do would be to short-circuit the car and gave us a piece of wire to do just that. Luckily I married a farmer and he knows how to short-circuit vehicles to get them started! So every time we wanted to start the car we had to pop the hood (the bonnet) and start it using our trusty wire. We drove on to the next town, Warrnambool, which we had not planned to stay in but really had no other choice if we wanted to get the car fixed early the next day. We found a car-wreckers place and they had one (also luckily we drive the most common car in the country!) and would put it in for us for $130 (parts and labour). On the bright side, it could have been much worse - imagine if this happened on the way to Coober Pedy where you go hundreds of miles without seeing anyone! - that's our next stop). At least we were near a town!
While the car was being fixed we went shopping and guess what I found! The complete set of "Round the Twist" DVDs.... so I bought them of course. (Yes, David, Elaine and Laura - you can borrow them!) Pretty good find I think.
We then headed out to Adelaide (about 500 km drive) and were about 350km in when I thought oh no, I left my laundry out on the clothes line at the last hostel!!!!!!! grrrr..... so phoned the hostel and have asked them to courier the stuff to Port Augusta post office which is a place we'll be at after Coober and Uluru and hopefully we can pick it up there. I really don't have much faith that I'll get my clothes back... but fingers crossed - trying to be positive about it!

We've been in Adelaide now for a couple of days. We're staying at a great hostel where people are super-friendly (except room #2 but that's another story!) and they had a big free supper the first night - potatoes and real meat (that isn't chicken)! We've slept in dorms several times on this journey and this was another one of those times - but just the first night. Now we've moved into our own room that has a TV! Luxury.
Thursday we drove around the Barossa Valley which is the most famous wine region of Australia - including vineyards such as Wolf Blass and Jacob's Creek - went to both of those. The area was gorgeous and the weather was perfect - a perfect day all in all! Oh, we also stopped at a place called the "Whispering Wall" which is the Barossa Reservoir Dam. They call it the Whispering Wall because if someone goes to the far side the dam (140 metres away) and says something you can hear it as clearly as if they are standing right next to you! It was really cool.

We spent Australia Day on the beach in Glenelg (basically a suburb city of Adelaide). Australia Day is basically identical to Canada Day with all the same types of activities - except there is beach! Bought some Aussie T-shirts, spruced up our tans a bit and got lots of sand everywhere! Another awesome day and we finished it off with nachos (we were sooo craving nachos) and karaoke at our hostel. Brad and I sang our first duet as a couple (I won't lie - it was absolutely hideously dreadful) - "Summer of '69" by Bryan Adams - had to represent Canada!

Things I love about Australia:

Kookaburras and gum trees
The accent
The Great Ocean Road
How things are called
Whispering wallWhispering wallWhispering wall

Brad, what did you say?
"bites" like the "Great Australian Bite" - it does look like a big bite out of the country!
How everyone wears thongs
Aussie karaoke

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27th January 2007

We have friends in Perth
Hey Deb - Remember Justine and Nigel, you met them at Glen's birthday party. Well they moved to Perth! I am sure they would meet up with you and take you about. You would love them! I will talk with them and let them know you are coming. When do you expect to be in Perth? Keep having a fantastic time. Jess
28th January 2007

Catching up on your travels
Hi Brad And Deb. I am so glad that you keep updating your blog. I must admit I had to go back a ways to catch up. You guys are doing just great and looking great as well. We love to see the places you have been and the commentary is excellent. Looking forward to more. Best as always. Ernie and Lois.

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