Apple picking and Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens

Published: April 26th 2006
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Autumn at Mount LoftyAutumn at Mount LoftyAutumn at Mount Lofty

Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens. To view as a slide show, select Full image, and then use Next>> to scroll through the images.


Last Sunday was Dan's turn to pick the walk and he asked if we might try apple picking - something he had noted that you can do in autumn from James Muecke's book Adelaide for Kids (p152). As the book recommended, we looked at the "What's on" section of the Sunday Mail to find out that apples were indeed ripe for the picking at Summertown from 11 to 4 pm. To finish off the afternoon we also visited the nearby Mount Lofty Botanic Garden.

How to get there

To get to Summertown for apple picking, take Greenhill Road (passing through the Summit road intersection) and into the Adelaide hills. When you enter Summertown, look for a large "Pick your own apples" placed on the corner of Holliday street on the left hand side of Greenhill road. About 500 metres down Holliday Street, you can find the orchard on the left.
To get to Mount Lofty Summit you can take Mt Lofty Summit Road to the summit and follow the signs to the Garden which is near Mount Lofty house and a property called "Green Gables".

Information about Mount Lofty Botanic Garden is available at the South Australian government web site and at Wikipedia (but I had to write the article myself (the things you do when on holidays ...) - hopefully someone official will come along and expand it a bit :-)

What happened ...

There were lots of people out apple picking. The sellers supply buckets, and heaps of different types of trees. You fill the buckets with your choice of fruit and then they weigh it, charge you accordingly, and then bag them up for you. We got a pretty fair deal and too many very yummy apples to share with our friends.

The Botanic garden was magnificant - a visual treat - with the many vibrant autumn colours of the European/Asian trees set against the natural bush. If you do have a spare couple of hours in the next week or 2 and you are in Adelaide, you really should go have a look. You will need good walking shoes as many of the tracks are steep.

Dan says ...

Hello Readers,

Crunch!!! MMmmm, Yum, that was a Granny Smith apple - del- ic- ious!! Well it was almost as delicious as the Quince and Apple crumble that Mum made for dessert on Sunday. I could each a truck load of that.

Okay, less talk about the apples, more talk about the gardens.

I had a turkey burger for my lunch. There was a great view and it was nice to have tables and chairs instead of a rock to sit on.

I was the one who found the oak tree and the toadstools that Mum took a picture of. The toadstools started out as red spotty balls and then opened into large saucer-shapes.

There were quite a few people at the garden. Workers drove around in cars on the paths looking for people in trouble - the paths can be too steep for some people.

This week's joke ....

Q: What is the difference between an oak tree and tight shoes?
A: One makes acorns and the other makes corns ache.

Additional photos below
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Dan in the orchardDan in the orchard
Dan in the orchard

From March to May you can go apple picking in Summertown (Holliday Street) on a Sunday.

Try before you buy?

to the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden during Autumn
Our Lunch spotOur Lunch spot
Our Lunch spot

near the Lothain Lookout at Mount Lofty Botanic Garden
Lothian LookoutLothian Lookout
Lothian Lookout

Using binoculars to check out the view and birdlife
Oak and "Scrat's" favouriteOak and "Scrat's" favourite
Oak and "Scrat's" favourite

Dan was rather excited about finding the oak tree and acorns after seeing the new Ice Age 2 movie

Must be my microbiology background but I do get excited about fungi
Nature trail signNature trail sign
Nature trail sign

We headed down to the lake via the Nature trail
Stop 6 - Nature TrailStop 6 - Nature Trail
Stop 6 - Nature Trail

The trail had a guide with 10 stopping points. This is point 6 - the Fern Swamp.
Autumn leavesAutumn leaves
Autumn leaves

At the end of the Nature trail and heading to the lake.
Black swanBlack swan
Black swan

and ducks on the lake
Pond Pond

at the bottom of "Fern Gully" with interesting flowering plant

Steep uphill section in Fern Gully

2nd May 2006

The toadstools really looked like something from a fantasy...does the red mean danger? What is the name of these? Are they naitve? Have any Fungi been introduced? I love fern reminds me of the Daintree of my my favourite parts of the world!
2nd May 2006

Amanita muscaria
The type of mushroom is Amanita muscaria - check out Wikipedia - it is imported from Europe. It is used as an insecticide and "sometimes consumed for its psychopharmacological effects" despite being listed as poisonous. It also makes you senile.
15th June 2010

Apple picking cost
Tash asked how much does the apple picking cost? It depends how much you pick. There is a weigh station at the exit and a reasonable per kg price. Great apples :-)
3rd November 2010

i love wat all displayed no the farm. Do you register workers to work on the farm. M interested in fruit picking coz i want to taste the fruits. They look delicious, YUMMMMMMM!
3rd November 2010

i love wat all displayed no the farm. Do you register workers to work on the farm. M interested in fruit picking coz i want to taste the fruits. They look delicious, YUMMMMMMM!
8th April 2011

Where and when can these be found?
Hi Diana I am doing a project on these and would love to know the precise location of where these were taken. I want to photograph these for a collage on the Fly Agaric. Also time of year please would be great.
20th June 2011

We saw the fungi in one of the highest parts of the park, under some large oak trees. It was early Autumn (see date of entry).

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