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May 14th 2010
Published: May 14th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hello everyone! I am so excited... 21 more sleeps. This will be our first trip back to Canada in the summer in over 6 years! Hard to believe that time has flown so quickly. : )

I am freezing at the moment here in Australia so very much looking forward to warm days of sunshine and hanging out at the lake. I must admit, I am not sure if I will be packing my togs.. (Swimmers for you Canadians)
Morning's here in Australia have been about 11 degrees and I am seriously freezing in the morning.

I thought that I would start this blog as I realised by a good friend of mine back home, Thanks HOLLY!! That I have yet to give any of you dates of where will be in our MONTH back home. Let me sum it up for you.

We arrive in Vancouver, Canada on June 4th. That is a Friday. We plan to hang around with family for the next two days and hope to venture out and not be too jet lagged. We will be based in Abbotsford. B.C.

We will have a Canadian mobile phone and I will post the number on my facebook. If however you do not have it.. please send me a message. : ) BTW I will NOT be getting the number until June 5th. Expect to see it on facebook after that. : )

O.k the rundown!

June 4th- July 6th Abbotsford B.C Canada
June 6th- June 8th Vancouver Island B.C
June 8th - June 11th Vancouver B.C
June 13th- June 19th ON THE ROAD. Could be anywhere!! BUT destination is ALBERTA!!
June 21st - June 24th we will be in Thunder bay, Ontario.
June 24th - July 4th In Vancouver and around : 0

So that is a ROUGH guide of where we will be and what we will be doing. I have not booked any accommodation this trip as I want it to be relaxed and easygoing. Last trip back home was for our wedding and it was all about getting here or there.. This trip is about taking in every single day and enjoying ourselves moment to moment.

I will be blogging heaps because as you can see there is quite a bit of driving involved. I have my macbook pro and will be taking advantage of the 8 hour battery time!

I am hoping to see so many people in a short time frame. As you can see though, it is always difficult with a limited time frame. Let me know if you are keen to catch up and I will do my best to see it happens. : )

I am really looking forward to seeing family that I have not seen in ages. Friends that have not been forgotten and just having a great time with our family. By the way Renee is coming too and we are all too excited. Stay tuned for blogs about Ren and Mark fighting. LOL. Mark has never been on a road trip with Ren and I and we like our music loud and also stops for random photos. I am sure that those moments will be captured either on video or camera.

Well, back to reality. It is still exactly 21 more sleeps until we leave... I hope you have subscribed if you have not already. I look forward to writing and CANT WAIT to be HOME... xx

BTW first Canada day spent in Canada will be on JULY 1ST. No plans yet as to what we are doing but open to suggestions. : )



14th May 2010

hey Tams ....we are really looking forward to seeing you all ! love ya:)
15th May 2010

yay finally dates :) can't wait to see you Tam and meet you Mark zoe and renee sorry if spelling isn't right

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