Mission Beach to Brisbane. Its the Birthday season

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November 25th 2007
Published: April 1st 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

Current Mood: Too much fun has been had! Mission Beach to Hervey Bay The Bags were packed and myself and Kim were on our free bus to Tully where we would get in a plane and get the rush of my life! Saying goodbye to the guys and see you at 6 to Lewy and Anne who were following on the greyhound bus we got on the road and on our way! Arriving in Tully the Day was to begin. The deal was you would l... Read Full Entry

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1st April 2008

oh yea
You are a legend my love! I felt the roar of that jump!
2nd April 2008

Hey man, Sky dive Looks awesome, wicked to see you are on the road still. Me and the wife are planning a tour of South America, after I have got my American Citizenship etc. Looks like life is good, very envious. Life in San Fran is cool, we even have a cat, beats cold old Bristol any day, but my feet is a itching. Look after yourself dude and keep these updates comming. Peace Tim

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