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March 7th 2010
Published: March 11th 2010
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Decided I wouldn’t join the group for the rest of the trip. I was still venting about what they did with those frogs last night so couldn’t bare to be near them. They left the island on the boat at 8am and once I was up and showered I booked my ferry back to the mainland at 10.30. The island was completely deserted as we’d been the only group staying there. There’s nothing like a deserted island to make you contemplate life. I’d spotted one staff member who nodded hello earlier but that was it. So there was me, the birds, a few fish and the sound of waves, all alone on a huge island. Bliss.
I guess I felt a bit bad for chucking my drink at that guy with the frogs last night. I don’t regret giving him a piece of my mind, but I probably should have remained calm and just walked back to my dorm and not been part of it. I also felt bad for Ellie who was doing the boat trip without me today, but I knew she’d be fine with the nice girls from Scotland we’ve met.
The Whitsunday Islands is made up of 74 Islands and currently I was on Koala Adventure Island (aka South Molle) and could see lots of the other islands in the distance. It was beautiful to see, the water was so blue! The ferry was amazing. It only cost me $30 to get back to the mainland and I got to see more today than I did on the boat yesterday, as I was paying more attention to the scenery than I was to a glass of pink wine. I sat happily on the top deck with a turkey sandwich and mango flavoured water, taking it all in. The clouds we so fluffy and white, they looked 3D, as if I could reach up and pluck them from the sky. We drove past lots of yachts and speedboats which made me want to buy one and live out on the sea.
When I got to Abel Point Marina, I met Alley and Ashley for a drink and a catch up before their boat trip at 12.30. Some Israeli boys had taken our place in the dorm yesterday but they’d been so hungover that they’d fallen asleep by 9pm. Ashley has really white teeth and told me she read in a magazine that when you’re dehydrated your teeth go whiter. Something to do with the pores in your teeth she thought. How strange!
Walked up to Airlie Beach centre and went on the internet for a bit to research which Island I should stay on tonight. A girl called Laura in the Travel Bugs office told me of a great deal they had for Long Island for $90 which included the return ferry, accommodation at Long Island resort and free usage of snorkeling gear; kayaking; crazy golf; and so much free bottled water that you could sink a battleship. Perfect!
When I left the travel office after booking Long Island, it started to rain really heavily and as I ran through the streets of Airlie Beach trying to find cover, the hot puddles splashed my legs. The water was so warm, you could bathe in it (if it wasn't dirty rain water that is) and actually felt quite nice when it hit my ankles.
Waited for the weather to calm then walked back to Abel Marina and ate a Magnum Big Chockie Bickie ice cream (have you had one of these?! Heaven on earth) while I waited for the ferry. Again I sunbathed on the top deck and we stopped briefly at Daydream Island before it took us to Long Island.
They had a buggy at the jetty which took us to reception. Two lads working here on the island were sat with me on the buggy and told me about their travels so far in Oz. They’re currently doing the gardening on Long Island and feel so lucky they’ve found a prefect job. Beats fruit picking or working all night in a sleazy bar, which some unfortunate travelers have to do. Once I’d checked in and dropped my bags off in my room, I went down to the private beach by the pool.
I spotted the first Kagaroo since being here in Australia! Sat and watched it for a while; it was much smaller than I’d expected and was confident being around humans - it wasn’t timid at all.
Long Island resort has lots of private rooms overlooking the jungle or with sea views, but I was staying in the cheaper end for backpackers. Went to get ready in the shower block and completely wiped out on the slippy floor. A girl ran over to help me get up but I jumped up pretending to be ok. I had stubbed my toe badly and it was bleeding! Laughed at myself and she did too, then we got chatting about festivals. She was from Reading so had been to Reading festival a few times.
Had fish and chips for dinner at the Pool Bar which was still buzzing - there were people still out in the sea until 7pm. I read my book then watched some of the Karaoke. Two girls kept getting up to sing (one of them being the girl from the shower block) but both of them were really bad. Feeling pleased that I got to watch Shower-Block Girl do a disturbing rendition of “I kissed a girl and I liked it”, I headed back to the dorm collecting a Milky bar from the vending machine on the way. She’d seen me go A over T… now we were even.

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