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August 30th 2005
Published: December 24th 2005
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Got woken up at 6am by Stefano getting the anchor up which was of course attached to our room(!) so chains were clanging like crazy for 10 minutes. We set off and the boat was rocking really badly so Lucy went up on deck feeling queasy. I was fine at first and even pigged out on a whole fruit and nut bar as i was so starving, but unfortunately as soon as i saw up i puked the whole thing up! Nice. Felt really rough, like most people, so we just sat on deck and tried to eat breakfast. We moored in a bay and got the dinghy onto the beach where we walked to Hill Inlet (next to Whitehaven Beach, the most photographed beach in the Whitsundays) where we could sunbathe on the fine, white, pure silica sand. It was really beautiful. Unfortunately it started raining a bit so we hotfooted it back onto the boat and had lunch and when it had cleared up a bit we went off to do some snorkelling at another site. Saw loads of fish and really pretty coral, including some amazing clams. I tried to take some photos with the underwater camera but lord knows how they'll turn out as it's kind of hard to focus when you're half in and half out of the water!!

That afternoon we basically spent crawling back to a bay where we could spend the night as the boat had engine trouble!! We saw a giant turtle from the boat though - lots of Ooohs and Aaaahs! Had BBQ for tea and sat around on deck again under the stars, then Lucy stayed up and chatted to Stefano and ended up snogging him even though he's 34!! Apparently he was an awful kisser though, i've always had my doubts about Italians being great lovers :-)


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