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January 18th 2018
Published: January 19th 2018
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So i had the privilege of being taken out fishing on my friends boat here in the whitsundays- What a day 😊

We left from Port of Airlie marina where they have their 36ft Mustang moored at 5:30 am. The day was perfect all be it a little cloudy. The seas where calm and not too choppy, just what i like even though i rarely get sea sick out on the water. Thanks to going out on the Atlantic ocean a lot as a child in Ireland.

The mustang is awesome. Has really nice lines a beautiful cabin with air conditioning- needed here in the whitsundays as its quite hot and humid. 32 degrees and 85 % humidity. After hosing down the boat and loading up with our days provisions we were off. The skipper a good friend of mine had no problem manoeuvring the boat out into the open water.

We headed over to Daydream Island which is currently closed at the moment for renovations(they are spending $80m) after the cyclone quite badly damaged it. We moored on a mooring and the fishing began. We used pilchards as bait that we bought from IGA the previous day - tween baits is the company that packages them i believe. A few hours on the mooring and we had no luck. The wind had started to pick up too and so we decided to move on to a new spot.

The next spot we went to was at the mouth to Shute harbour where it meets Whitsunday Passage. I could see Coral beach which is where i went to and wrote about in my second blog on here. Its such a n awesome site to see from the water as it gives you a whole new perspective of a beach seeing it from the seas. Well we had another few hours here and i didnt catch anything annoyingly but the skipper and another person managed to catch a Giant travelli or GT as they call them here.

Wow was i impressed, this thing was huge. Sadly only i didn't catch it, was a little jealous im not going to lie. Well after 6 hours out on the water i had 0 luck with catching any fish. Thats the way it goes though and I was just more than happy to be invited and enjoy a day out on the water with local people who know the area.

I still haven't manged to go to Whitehaven Beach yet much to my annoyance. Been looking at the various tours that go there and boy are theere many. I wish we could have gone on my friends boat as going on public tours just isnt quite the same no doubt. I found a really good resource with everything there is to know about Whitehaven Beach so have made a booking on ocean rafting through them and will be going out next week. Will definitely be writing up a blog about that as i simply cant wait.

As always Bon Voyage



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