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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Warwick August 7th 2012

We spent a cold night in Tamworth last night. We weren’t actually cold, not until this morning. We have a very good diesel fuelled heater with two vents in the van, but it is always turned off when we go to bed. Fortunately it heats the van very quickly. When Frank got up this morning the thermometer said it was 1.1 degree in the van and 3.4 in the fridge. No, we didn’t open the fridge to warm the van. When I checked the weather on my phone, it said that it went down to -2.5 c overnight. No wonder it was so cold. The water in our hose froze! Apart from being cold, Tamworth is a lot bigger than we expected. There is no shortage of motels, but seemingly very few caravan parks. I image ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Warwick February 5th 2012

Saturday 4th Feb John finished work on Friday so we packed up and headed out of Condamine on Saturday morning to make sure we could get out before the weather changed and the roads flooded again. Roma is only 100 klms to the west and they are flooded as also is St George, Mitchell and a lot of towns to the west of Condamine. The plan was to leave Condamine along the Leichardt Highway heading towards Goondawindi, Texas then Tenterfield. This highway had been closed due to flooding only last week so we were a little worried but we only come across a couple of spots where the water was still running over the road but nothing to worry about - there was a lot of water laping at the edge of the road and it ... read more
Daggs Falls IMG 8073
Queen Mary falls from the top IMG 8074
Queen Mary falls from the bottom IMG 8089

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Warwick October 15th 2011

Wednesday 12th October - during the last few weeks we have been debating whether or not we would be able to get to Tasmania. We spent some time there 8 years ago and loved it. Graham has an old school friend who lives in Burnie and they have been communicating throughout our travels around Aus. Today, Wednesday 12 October, we took the plunge and booked our tickets for The Spirit of Tasmania ferry and will travel there overnight on Tuesday 3rd January 2012. It cost a bit more than we had anticipated and would not have been possible if we had had to rely on our credit cards. But a generous offer from David made an immediate booking possible and we hope to be able to return the favour when he visits the UK next year. ... read more
Not a weed to be seen (as long as you don't look too closely!)
but there's still lots of weeds to clear here
Graham made a great job of clearing this path

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Warwick October 11th 2011

Monday 10th October – After a hectic and exciting weekend, we chose today to unwind a bit and to plan our on-going journey south. There are still a couple of places we would like to visit from Warwick but the overcast weather meant that today was probably best spent “nearer home”. David has kindly given us “carte blanche” regarding our departure date but, because the caravan storage was arranged up to today, we needed to visit the caravan park first thing to extend the stay. Rain delayed our short journey until late morning so we decided to have an early lunch and do our chores in the afternoon. When we eventually arrived at the caravan park, the proprietor was happy for Sweetie to stay where she is. We took the opportunity to return a few things ... read more
Great headline in the local daily newspaper
We're not sure how we could have driven past without noticing this building!
At the Rodeo Heritage Centre

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Warwick October 9th 2011

Friday 7th October – Once again the weather seemed a bit unsettled. It wasn’t actually raining but the clouds looked a bit threatening. We decided against a major day out and, as we had a few more domestic chores that needed doing, we thought we’d tackle those and perhaps have a walk by the river in the afternoon. So the morning was taken up with a bit of washing and a bit of shopping. The shopping included obtaining another round of tablets for Graham’s heart condition – the total cost was over $100 and, despite a so-called “reciprocal” health arrangement, we don’t think we can claim any of that back, although we will have another go at that. This makes the much criticized British National Health Service a major success in our eyes as, being over ... read more
Three beautiful sculptures in a row
Painting displayed in Federation Park
There are two water monitors here

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Warwick October 6th 2011

Tuesday 4th October – For the first time since the day after Boxing Day last year we woke up surrounded by bricks and mortar. We had spent a few nights in a cabin in Bunbury, Western Australia way back in early May but apart from that, we have been sleeping in the caravan – Sweetie – since Christmas time at Daphne’s in Melbourne. David’s house in Warwick, Queensland is very comfortable and I’m sure we’ll thoroughly enjoy the homeliness of a house for a week or so before we hit the road again. The weather this morning is bright, calm and sunny but the forecast for the next few days is not good. So today I was anxious to get some washing done using David’s brand new, state of the art washing machine. What a delightful ... read more
Sweetie moved away from the trees
This area has numerous successful horse studs
A green and pleasant valley

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Warwick October 3rd 2011

Monday 3rd October - Today we thought we would head for Toowoomba and we were up and about quite early getting prepared. Without really trying we were ready to hit the road at 8:00am. There was nothing keeping us in Miles so off we went and within half an hour we were approaching the town of Chinchilla just 40 kilometers further on. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and we wonder now, following yesterday’s mishap with the power pole, why we didn’t crack on just a bit further to this delightfully named town. It’s considerably bigger than Miles and may have had a lot more to offer for our afternoon viewing and probably bigger sites to put the caravan on. But today we just carried on through Chinchila towards the next major town – Dalby. Traffic was ... read more
We passed huge grain silos especially around Dalby
Not sure what these twin factories were for but they looked impressive
What was this enormous machine used for in the roadworks?

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Warwick March 17th 2011

For those guys who have managed to view my blog, I understand some havent been able, I will now e-mail updates, hopefully later today - just been far too busy having fun x... read more
Hols and before 2011 019
Hols and before 2011 020
Botanic Garens Singapore

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Warwick December 12th 2010

Saturday 11th and, alas, we woke up to rain which was quite persistent although not heavy. We needed to go the Post Office again so went into town quite early but we’d forgotten that Aussie Post Offices don’t open on Saturdays! Warwick is a great place with plenty of parking no matter where you need to go in the town so we were able to park close to the indoor shopping centre. I wanted to print off a few photos so we went into Big W where they’ve got a few handy self-service machines that you can print off whatever you want. I wished I had studied them before and then we might have come up with some proper photo cards to send but we are not as clued up as Sarah and Darryl – the ... read more
Mele, Sita and Kathy
Relaxing after dinner at Mele's
Joshua enjoying his evening out

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Warwick December 10th 2010

Monday morning dawned and guess what? It was still raining with poor visibility – we certainly didn’t want to stay any longer on this caravan park although we were sorry to leave the area without having explored it fully. We had previously sent David an email to say we would be on our way to Warwick within the next few days but now we had a text message from him telling us that the main road between Brisbane and Warwick was closed at the Cunningham Gap due to a landslide. Graham had already spotted this on the internet as he had logged on during the night when he couldn’t sleep because of the rain. So he had spent time working on an alternative route. But there were also potential problems with the only realistic alternative which ... read more
Was Marburg really Queensland's friendliest town?
What sort of dairy was this?
Good thing there is another road to David's house

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