Photos from Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, Oceania

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12 A selfie from the side of the mountain
11 She will be coming around the mountain
10 Great views from the top 1
09 At the top of Table Top Mountain
08 Living on the edge (2)
07 Great trail down
06 Where has the trail gone
05 Are we there yet
04 Graeme on the trail
03 Watch the first step Lyn
02a The trail to Table Top Mountain
02 Lyn the Mountain Climber
01a The trail to Table Top Mountain (2)
01 The trail to Table Top Mountain
Old Dairy
Cressbrook Dam 1
Cressbrook Dam
Just past the Border coming down into WA
The bite
The bite
Nullabour road
Camp grounds Nullabour Roadhouse
Nullabour plains view from camp ground
Packed up ready to go at Nullabour roadhouse
The star pickets have been paced out in readiness for the running of the barb.
Dinner time in Camp
New friends
Exquisite topiary here in Laurel Bank Park Gardens.
An almost completed fence.
We passed through some amazing countryside as we traveled to Junction View Blaze Aid camp.
A flood-damaged fence.
A dragon lantern.
Pegasus leads the annual lantern parade through the streets of Lismore.
There's a geocache in here somewhere!
An Idyllic campspot at Judds Lagoon Qld.
At the Vishwa Shanti yagna
At Avatar's Abode
On Gold Coast
With Sameer
Sameer praying earnestly to Toowoomba's Shiva lingam
Take heed - magpies are lethal in Australia
Dog Sheila
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