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November 14th 2012
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Once we had jumped on a short flight back from Melbourne to Brisbane we were forced to spend another night in Brisbane due to the fact that there were no buses running from Brisbane down to Surfers Paradise by the time we got back, so we went to the cinema that night and watched Looper, we had a relatively early night to ensure we would be up for our early bus to Surfers Paradise.
The following morning we were up at 6 and on the bus by 7am, after we had scoffed a Mcd's breakfast down us, we arrived in Sufers about an hour & a half later but were unable to check in straight away as they were short staffed, the manager gave us both free wifi (which if you ever come to Aus to travel you will soon realise it is like gold out here, you can't get free wifi anywhere), and we sat down to watch a few films as there lounge area was so kushty......Pat had never seen Blow and for anyone reading this who hasn't seen it, you have to see it one of Johnny Depps greatest films about being a weed dealer and it slowly progresses to harder narcotics. Anyway after the film we got chatting to a lad who was working there mainly for free accommodation not realy there to make money just enjoy himself, a lad called Louis from Portsmouth, funny guy and we decided to get a game of water volleyball going between us three english lads and 3 canadian lads, we ended up smashing them!
That night we went out to the Beer Garden for 3 dollar drinks (VERY cheap), both of us got so fucked and due to the Melbourne Cup (Horse race) being on that weekend their was a lot of Nobs out especially in Surfers as these are the people that get dressed up but don't even go to the race, instead they just watch it at a pub or conference room and attempt to act as if they are upper class.....they aren't we saw girls full on scraping outside one club to be let in the club just down the road from it! At this point Pat & I choose a kebab over this drunk fools, and proceeded back to the hostel to see if anyone was about.
On our 2nd day in Surfers we woke up to rain, which means there are only a limited amoutn of activities you can do, the main one being stayng in and watching films so that's what pretty much everyone in the hostel done, which was good as everyone was mixing with one and other a lot more than previously, that night we all planned to go to the backpackers bar crawl, 4 bars/clubs, 4 free drinks and free entry. In the evening we started with a pre drink at our hostel getting people involved in drinking games, also learning a few new card drinking games, the first bar was the Beer Garden where we had been the previous night, however this time it was just backpackers so much better vibe, the organisers of the bar crawl had set out lots of different games, such as dancing on the wii, mario kart, archery and gold putting. Pat was getting involved in the putting and actually won a few drinks from it, I got roped into the wii dancing by two lads we just met, Bobby from Croydon and Ryan from Manchester, however I managed to win the dance comp against this guy and got some more free drinks, we then went onto Vanity the club where Alex Smith was working so we got to see her again, we also met 3 girls from torquay who were adamant that Torquay was a banging night out, I was not convinced in the slightest but one was pretty good looking so I let her carry on, by the time our newly formed group of 7 made it to the last club Sin City most were struggling to stand without leaning on something, so after a few more drinks in there we all headed to the Kebab shop, I assure you there is no better way to end a night if you haven't pulled and don't have any weed.
The next day, although mightley hungover we headed to the bus station in Surfers to catch a bus down to Byron Bay, renowned for it's surfing and hippy culture, we were meeting our friend Elizabeth from Fraser Island there and staying in what was described to us as the coolest hostel that has a great hippy vibe/feel to it........


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