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November 4th 2010
Published: November 11th 2010
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1st November -

Hostel: Couple O' Days
Price: $64 per night
Room: Double, fan, wardrobe, mirror
Review: 6/10 - A bit run down,wouldn't want to cook in the kitchen and rooms smelt a bit funky. Pros: Cheapest double you will probably find in Surfers Paradise.

The free meal was a roast dinner, wasn’t too bad but you only got one roast potato?! We were still hungry after (as per) so we got a chicken satay box from Noodle Box - was really nice but a little spicy.
Anyway, that night we went down to the Halloween partyat the hostel and had a drink and played some pool with the others. Everyone else staying in the hostel was dressed up som people looked really good - someone even dressed up as Optimus Prime from Transformers lol he looked really good!

The next morning we checked out at around 7ish and walked to the coach terminal. It was only a short journey, which we though was only going to be 45mins but it turned out to be an 1 hour and 45mins because of the time difference. Queensland is an hour behind New South Wales!

We got there and headed straight to the hostel which was only a 10min walk. The hostel was pretty crap, the worst one we've stayed in so far. It was just really old and mouldy, just not very nice, we were glad we were only staying for one night. So we got out of the hostel as soon as we could and started our (long) journey to find jet ski's. For some reason we decided to head to the jet ski company that was the furthest away because we thought it was the cheapest.

After 2 hours catching a bus and walking for what seemed like 10 hours, we came to realise that we were never going to find them! Luckily the weather was pretty bad - hot but cloudy so we didn't get burnt. Well, Liam managed to somehow lol!

On our trek we spotted some pelicans, they were huge, we got a few photos! After long last we found another company and booked in for 2pm, costing us $75 for the two of us on one jet ski for half an hour. But, when we were out there the guy let us on for nearly an hour which was good! They were a lot of fun, Liam was worried he would get sea sick but he loved it! They go so fast we didn't even have full throttle and they were going pretty fast! We also got a ride on a jet boat which was cool, considering we didn't have to pay for it.

After our adrenaline boost we headed back to the city. By this time it was 4pm and we hadn't even seen the beach by this time! We didn't even get to surf but we were hapy once we saw how big the waves were! We had a little look round the CBD at the shops then headed back to get ready for dinner. We went to an Irish bar called Fiddlers Green as they had a $10 steak and chips deal! It wasn't too bad but a bit fatty and Liam got his own drink spilt on him by a little kid walking past and knocking it over lol!

Once we ate we headed back to the CBD and had another wander around, then decided to go into Ripley's Believe it or Not. It was pretty cool in there and interesting. There was so much to look at and do which kept us entertained for a good 2 hours. We then walked past a real estate agents to look at all the beautiful mansions for sale - we have a couple of photos of our favourites worth $20 million each!!! It's crazy!

Overall we thought Surfers Paradise was a bit tacky, a bit like Blackpool with a bit more 'bling' and a better beach lol. But it was good to see and probably better if we were surfers lol.

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