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January 5th 2007
Published: January 5th 2007
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We checked in at Oak Seaforth Resort at around 2pm. The holiday apartment we booked is fully self-contained with an ensuite and spa. The balcony is massive - just perfect for star gazing on a clear starry night. Although the apartment have a fully equipped kitchen, we ate out most of the time. I only cooked dinner once but managed to set off the smoke alarm at least four times and got the apartment filled with smoke. The smell of steak lingered in the air throughout the night and became too much on the nose (I guess I won’t be cooking steak for awhile). The lagoon at the resort was refreshingly enchanting. A lady was observing Ryan intently while wading around pool. She got really fond of Ryan just watching him venture and test his limits around the pool while I frantically chase him around making sure he is safe.

Hungry…. we then went to Sunshine Plaza for dinner and did our last minute Christmas shopping. Although I’ve already sorted out most of the Chritmas presents, I can’t help but to do more shopping. Christmas holidays is women's great excuse to tickle their shopping whims. Our faces lit up and eyes bulge out when we see 50% off sale. The Sunshine Plaza stayed open ‘til midnight. The place was crawling with shopaholics getting their fix on retail therapy. Yup....I'm such a sucker on consumerism. But I'm trying hard to change my ways (got my fingers crossed ;>).

We hit the Mooloolaba beach the next day. It was overcast - a perfect day to ride the waves as I’m not really that fond of too much sun. I hate squinting and getting sunburnt….plus my skin freckles under the sun. I’m one of those crazy people who hide with an umbrella on a hot sunny day. To come and think of it, umbrella provides better coverage than hats and it doesn’t mess up your hair {:> .

Australia is on the top list of the highest cases of skin cancer in the world. And yet every summer, beaches are littered with sun bakers/worshipers. They bake their skin 'til it's nice and crispy ( ok... golden brown). But really.... most come out looking like a sunburnt red lobster. Others go for fake tan, which looks more of orange really. Dark/Black might be beautiful.....but ORANGE !....C'mon....Looking FRUITY is not a good look ! .... or sunburnt red lobster for that matter.

Tanned skin might be a hit in Australia....but when I go visit Philippines next week, it would be the opposite. They prefer "white and pasty" over there. The fairer (and hairy-er) you are the better, considering most Filipinos are brown. It's human always want what you don't have.

Anyway, we didn’t really get to ride good waves that day. Unlike the last time I went bodysurfing with Nimfa & Cheche, we rode the best waves ever. We screamed at the top of our voices every time a huge wave wipes us out. The other beach-goers were just shaking their heads with a smile saying “Bloody Tourists”.... (no offence taken) ;>

We spent our last day at the Maroochy river. Ryan caught his first fish, which he later on released. Jamie was catching fish which are unfortunately under size. By law, he has to release them back into the water or else he’ll get slapped with a massive fine.

Liam, Ryan and I really enjoyed paddling in a canoe. I got a little bit scared paddling back to the shore against the current. The current and the wind went against us and could have easily got swept away. On a positive note, it was a thrilling fun day and enjoyed every minute of it…..Cheers !

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Oaks Seaforth ResortOaks Seaforth Resort
Oaks Seaforth Resort

Alexandra Headland, Sunshine Coast

22nd January 2007

Your Holiday
Hi Jo nice happy pics! how was your holiday in Singapore and Phils? You lucky thing, got to use your break going overseas. I look forward to reading your entry on your Asian adventure. Hey don't worry about your spelling on your comments in my blog - people know it's just a typo as I do. It's not like one of those obvious mistakes from an uneducated brainless freak that spells 'formerly' as 'formally' :-)

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