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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ravenshoe April 13th 2013

So station life continues to be crazy and amazing and I’m 2/3 of the way through now and not really sure when to leave yet. I will be staying until early May when I’ve completed the 88days of regional work but I’m having such an incredible experience up here and not spending any money, it seems a shame to leave if I’m not ready. Going to see how it goes and how I feel once I’ve done the compulsory period of time and knowing me, I’ll wake up one morning and be like ‘I’m ready to go now’ and book a flight. So anyway… After the cow had hung for a 10 days, Robyn and I spent a morning and the whole of the following day butchering the cow & pig, mincing up the offcuts and ... read more
Charley the Bandit
Me and Honey
Corb with his kite snake

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ravenshoe February 17th 2013

After a couple of days in Noosa I was bored out of my brains with beach. I got my legs waxed for the first time which was horribly painful and watched the Hobbit in the cinema which made me want to cry cos I miss Queenstown and New Zealand. I have spent the last 4weeks visiting different beaches long the Queensland coast and was feeling that if I see another beach I will scream. So made plans to get to Brisbane as soon as possible with 1 more stop to Mooloolaba which was another beach town but was very chilled, a bit gypsie, lots of people doing drugs etc so one night was enough to see it then move on. I stayed at Base in Brisbane for about a week, I arrived on a Wednesday to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ravenshoe July 7th 2012

Another grey and cool morning which actually made for good photographs as we walked the trail down to Big Millstream Falls.A part of the Atherton Table Lands, these Falls are the widest in Queensland and set among gorgeous surroundings. We stopped off in nearby Ravenshoe and this is another lovely town set high in the mountains. It was a sleepy Saturday with many shops closing around midday but we made it into a local café and enjoyed Devonshire Tea. The campsite from last night was so good that we decided to backtrack and make it back there for another night. On the return trip we walked down to Little Millstream Falls which were no less impressive than the ones we saw this morning. Set in a secluded pocket of National Park, one could find a spot ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ravenshoe July 6th 2012

After a week of driving long distances daily and sleeping by the roadside the effects had caught up to us and we did not take off until close to 10 am.However, driving these distances is the best way to see this country and its ever-changing beautiful terrain. First stop was Georgetown which is a lovely farming community and although small, the appearance of the town reflected pride with all lawns neatly trimmed and the streets spotless. Shop owners had that genuine country hospitality and we picked up some fresh fruit and veg after paying for a shower at a local caravan park (bliss after not seeing one for a few days). We continued on east towards Cairns and the horizon became more spectacular as the Great Dividing Range came into view. Over the last 100 kms ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ravenshoe July 17th 2011

After leaving Brampston Beach we travelled to Ravenshoe passing through the Atherton Tableland. This is a very beautiful sceinic drive. Lots of places to stop off and have a look which really breaks up the trip. We made ourselves a coffee very high up on the tableand and learnt about wind mills at Windy Hill. It was amazing how very cold it was through this area when we had only just drove out of fairly warm temperatures. Found a great free camp about 14km's out of Ravenshoe for the night. It is beside a lovely creek, lots of grass, toilets and we even managed to find a bit of wood for a camp fire. Savanah Way is no where near as busy as the Bruce Highway so we even managed to get a good nights sleep. ... read more
Windy Hill

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