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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas September 13th 2015

Started the day pretty hungover. Ended up hanging out with these 2 kiwi guys last night who showed me around Cairns. Watched a bit of the blue jays demolishing the Yankees this morning, then got a rental car to drive to Port Douglas. The drive from Cairns to Port Douglas is supposed to be one of the most scenic and amazing drives in Australia. Many people have told me that, but I kind of shrugged it off and didn't have too high expectations. 10 minutes into the drive I was pulling over taking pictures. My jaw was dropped pretty much the whole drive. This is one of the nicest places I've ever been to in my life. Words can't really describe this place. Port Douglas is where the 110 million year old daintree forest meets the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas June 22nd 2015

It was pretty difficult to get to Port Douglas from Cairns. Even though it's just an hour up the coast, most transports were a ridiculous 68 AUD round trip. Instead, I found a hostel who would get me there for free and then I paid $18 to get back after a few days. I had hoped to get all the way to Cape Tribulation, but it was too expensive. I could have found a tour that took me to a few places (Mossman Gorge) and then to the Cape, but I found that all out too late and it was pretty complicated. I expected all of this on some level. Australia is for campervans, working holidays, and posh condos. I felt left out without cheap ways to get around, much like many must feel when visiting ... read more
The outer reef
Four Mile Beach
Aboriginal community

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas June 19th 2015

We had to be up early for our day on the reef. After a 7:30 pickup from our hotel we were en route to the reef by 8:30 aboard the SilverSonic along with about 70 other snorkelers and divers. The speedy boat makes the 70 km trip to the outer reef feasible as a day trip with plenty of time mid-day to explore the reef. Although sea-sickness medicine was offered on-board, seas were calm and no one looked bothered by the ride. We opted for the simplicity of snorkeling and there was still plenty to see. Snorkelers were encouraged to wear stinger suits to protect from possible encounters with jellies or other things that sting and scrape. The water was a warm 77F, but it was still difficult to regain body heat after long periods in ... read more
Ready to Snorkel
John and Andrew below the waves
Lauren and Andrew

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas June 10th 2015

Hi all, what a great day today has been. It is one of the highlights of the trip. It was a full day. First we drove an hour to a small country train station called Freshwater Station. It reminded me of the Puffing Billy station. The carriages were old and rattly. Had a diesel though. The Train took us up to the top of a part of the great Dividing Range to a place called Kuranda. We had lunch there and went to all of the markets and stalls etc. it was full on. It reminded me of a less yuppy version of Port Douglas. Anyhow was nice to see. A little rain mixed in made it interesting. It was certainly colder than the Cape. On the way back we went down using a cable car ... read more
Waiting for the Train
The start of the train ride
Inside the Train

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas June 9th 2015

Hi all, today we are based in Port Douglas. We woke up to rain. I think the locals call it showers. Well I call it RAIN. It stops and starts. It might be showers but I don't like them. Anyhow we did not let the weather stop us. We decided to book for a train and sky rail journey for tomorrow. Today we headed towards the Daintree village, in serious rain. What hope do we have. Well it wasn't too bad. When we got to the village it had stopped raining, ohh sorry showers. Well Tonina was immediately attracted to the coffee machine at the local pub so we stopped there for morning tea. Then we booked a trip on a small flat bottomed river boat. The showers had stopped for a little while. Anyhow we ... read more
Daintree Village Cafe
Daintree River Cruise boat
Daintree River Pontoon

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas June 8th 2015

Hi all, today we left Weipa at 8am. I woke my sister Tracey up at 6am with my normal shake of her camper and some pig snorts From outside her camper. Again she called me a pest. Did 9 hours on the road with very little time allocated for lunch and morning tea. Tonina did not get her morning coffee. She was grumpy (only joking). Stopped at Coen and Laura and had lunch at Musgrave roadhouse. Ended up at a park in Port Douglas. Dinner was a great home cooked steak. Tonight we will plan what we will do tomorrow. Three nights in Port Douglas and then continue our journey home.... read more
Musgrave Station
Mason and Matthew catch some small Queenies

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas May 4th 2015

Evening everyone, now back in Melbourne, flight good, it really is like getting on a bus here! took 3 hours, 20 minutes. Putting the last of my photos up of Port Douglas (wi - fi was slow in Port Douglas), these are the one's from last night in Salsa bar where Mr Clinton went and some on the way to the airport this morning also from the plane leaving Queensland. It was pretty spectacular looking out from the plane window seeing the reefs and all the little islands scattered around. So beautiful up that part of the country.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas May 2nd 2015

Howdy everyone, well it is pretty hot here today, 31 degrees, but woke up to find that a 'orrible' little mossie has munched on our legs and arms overnight ! Sat here, now itching like mad and have no tiger balm to calm it. Still were not complaining, let's get that right because we've had a great day, off we went down to the marina where we booked a pontoon boat, just me and Stu, we wanted to find our own Croc's. The little boat is powered by a 10 hour electric start outboard motor, Oh yes, he is now calling himself 'Captain Troppo', you can even fish for bream, mud crabs, mangrove jack, Bararamundi and finger mark, whatever that is ! We were given instructions how to start, anchor and steer the boat, I read ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas April 30th 2015

Gd' ay everyone, today we went out to The Great Barrier Reef and it was magnificent. It was an early start, picked up at 08.20 am, (well that was early after Toad night !! ), we were taken down to the marina where we boarded our boat, 'Calypso', (bubbles), 48 not including the crew were on board. Off we went and an hour and a half later we arrived at 'Opal Reef', we were given sting suits and I must say 'ladies' they do wonders for tummies !! I think I had a flat one !! The first in 40 years !! Need to get one of those, could wear it under winter clothes !! So we were all kitted up, suit, snorkel googles, flippers (toe much better, thank you, if you were still concerned !!) ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas April 17th 2015

Well we have had a very restful day today and that's been very welcomed. Sadly the weather hasn't been the best.. Raining intermittently and generally overcast. It was very hot overnight so was a nice relief. Still very warm air, but we have had a wet tail dozens of times today! However we've still managed to get out and about!. You walk out the back gate of the caravan park and the beach is just through the trees. The tide was incredibly high this morning so there was no visible sand on the whole 4 mile beach! Amazing site! Once the tide went out though I managed a beautiful ocean swim in the region of the stinger net! The water is sooo warm! It started pouring while I was swimming! Its pretty wild. I had a ... read more
ST Mary's by the SEa
Port Douglas
Port Douglas

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