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October 1st 2010
Published: October 11th 2010
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28/09/10 - Port Douglas
The main beach here at Port Douglas is called the 4 mile beach and I have stupidly set the challenge to swim as much as possible one way and walk back the other. Bring on the 4 mile challenge!

...Well we didn't make the challenge, mostly due to us both feeling sun burnt (cough, yeah right, cough). While we were swimming I noticed a large grey animal in the sea in front of me and I thought I saw it move. We took a few steps to the shallows and realised it was dead, it looked like some small whale.

We walked back on the beach and Bobby felt the need to dig out every crab that we saw which was trying to bury itself in the sand and blimey there were a lot! At least he didnt try to skim them.

There was a free BBQ and band playing in the hostel tonight and we were joined by Sean again. He had a leaf with odd viens in it and asked what we saw, Bobby said a map of Europe, I said a man carrying a woman and Sean said he could see a child crying. I wonder what a psychologist would say about us?

Bobby went to bed early and I stayed at the bar and got talking to a German lady, Elka, who lives in New Zealand, nice lady.

29/09/10 - Daintree Station
Waiting for the bus to pick us up today there was an almighty downpour which lasted till we got tot he ranch... horse riding will be interesting in the mud.

Got to the Ranch and saddled up on our horses, I was on Pearly, a brown horse who was looking a bit old and tired. Edda led me on my horse for a while and let me try to get Pearly to move on my own, but she seemded to have stalled. When we were finally off we went went over the fields of the ranch and into the rainforest for 2 hours. Absolutely stunning views for miles around of the forest and we could see Port Douglas in the distance. Such a relaxing ride and a new experience for me.

The ranch put on a show that was good fun and had some talented cowboys doing tricks. We had a BBQ lunch which was yum yum good!

After lunch was a 2 hour quad bike session through the forest and it was sooo much fun I nearly peed my pants. The downpour from the morning helped to make the track more muddy and death defying. I could feel the back end of my bike skidding out under me at times but it was amazing how controlled the bikes were. We got to a really muddy part and both Bobby and myself got stuck and had to be rescued. We went in streams where the water came up to our knees and we went down steep slopes and had lots of hills to launch off of. Nearly to the end of the time we were able to race the quad bikes and I got up to 60 kilometres an hour. For the whole time I was grinning like a giddy child, best time I've had in ages.

The final part of our day was zorbing, a giant inflatable ball that you climb into and roll down the hill. We dived into the ball and had cold water thrown on us inside. We tried to stand up to run down the hill but Bobby knocked me over. We were both giggling like school girls and we got to do it twice, what a way to clean the mud off from quad biking.

No phone, no watch and no internet, just enjoying each day for what it is... my life! A girl could get used to this!

Can't believe I've been here a week already!


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